Life is a gift with no guarantees

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Aug 2018 11:58:57



Y our work place must be a place where you feel free to experiment. It is your secret hideaway where you can make a mess or organise your work, whatever you want. In this place, you are free to make mistakes or be creative to say or do something new. The work place should not become a prison. Whenever you feel, you are becoming stale, think about changing the environment. The famous painter Piccaso was trying to work out some new perspectives in his art and sculpture, changed his studio.

The family plays a significant role in shaping your creativity. After the womb, it is the first place to shape our personality. Through our interaction with family members, we learn about the world and ourselves. Our curiosity and willingness to take risks are greatly influenced by those early experiences.

Our sense of competence and self-esteem are formed by the type of support that we receive while growing up. Miller and Gerard studied family influences on the development of children’s creativity and confirmed what other researchers have found.

Your birth position in the family first, middle or later influences your creativity. For example, later born children are likely to take up ARTS than firstborn. Researchers have found that the parent’s highly creative children treat them as someone special. These parents also set a positive example and encourage creative behaviour by being open and creative themselves.

They are not concerned with what others think and are less rigid in following rules. My mentor said: “Free yourself and see people for what they are, rather than how you think they should be. You strive hard to conform to the stereotypes that parents have laid for the children. They go around enforcing them on yourself with vengeance. It is absurd and arbitrary. There is always some strength behind the weakness and some weakness behind the strength. When you determine your own fate, according to your own best thoughts, you are transcending your weakness and taking charge of your life course as best as you can. You can become the Commander of your own ship than a mere passenger.

The difference between you and me is that I have got lot of growing up to do. I intend to take my own time to enjoy it. There is no sense trying to rush through life. Remember, that no person is all child or all adult. Real human growth is constantly revising and expanding your philosophy about what kind of person you want to be and ultimately reach it. Deep within us are natural attitudes capabilities, potentials that will aid us in every operational area of our life. There is absolutely no differently in calling your instincts. All you have to do is not to block them out of your mind, stop arguing with them, overriding them and putting them down. Trusting your instincts simply means letting it happen.

All our progress in life is like unfolding of a flower-bud. You have first an instinct, then an opinion, then a knowledge as a plant has roots, bud and fruit. Trust your instinct always though you can render no reason. Only human beings tell themselves that seeking pleasure for its own sake is bad. No plant grows into darkness; everything leans towards light. The human is a marvellous medium. The mind that is properly disciplined and directed to definite ends is an irresistible power that recognises no such reality as permanent defeat.

The mind converts defeat into victory; stepping stones of stumbling blocks; hitches its wagon to a Star and captures the forces of the Universe for fulfillment of goals. The man who masters himself through self-discipline can never be mastered by others. In spite of the power of the mind, people make no attempts to use it or utilise it. They suffer themselves to become cowed down by fear and difficulty which do not exist save in their once imagination. A man on a journey comes to a large river blocking his way. Since there was danger on the shore, he built a raft and crossed over safely to the other shore.

Thinking of what a great help the raft had been, he decided it would be good to carry the raft on his back for the rest of the journey. When he reached home there were heavy rains and the raft could rescue many people to safety. By not throwing it away it became an instrument of rescue. Similarly, when good thoughts enter the mind, it should be converted into good action which will benefit the self and everyone. The usual tendency is to outsmart others to show superiority over them. In reality, superiority is only a myth; it is really a better performance than others. Live like a giver and everything we want will come automatically.