Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Aug 2018 11:28:00



IODINE is a substance which we use to stain different peels to make it distinct, organelles visible and studyful under a microscope. These peels actually take up the stain of dark iodine. As these single layered peels undergo stagnation the same way we humans also do. We go through various phases of life, undergo various experiences, good and bad are the two balances of our life and they too approach us on the prescribed time. Some teach us never to give up while some teach us not to invest our precious time on fools.

Some take it the negative way cursing their lives and fate while others hold their head high and learn from their mistakes. Negative people give excuses for losing while positive people work hard in silence on their weak points.
Lambhorgini is never owned by Mr, Mrs who say, ‘Will do it later’. It is for them who see their dreams with open eyes and work hard to strive for it instead of living in a dream world. Fairy tales are sometimes termed as boring but I find them rather interesting because whatever situation we are in, there is always a happy end to it which depicts the one who is worthy, capable, and hard working will be the ruler.

There is always a ruler and so is a leader, a topper who doesn’t have words like ‘lucky’, ‘inheritance’ in his dictionary, rather its filled with hard work, success and deep study.
In this hi-tech world everyone is on social media but is most isolated socially. After all how much are virtual friends going to help? But friends aren’t the ones to give us good results.

It is we who have to work hard for our dreams. Chase it like a burning sun, be calm enough to accept the thunder, be cool like a glacier, have perseverance and compassion and the river of success approaches you with open arms.
Every life aperture has its own high pitch accompanied by low pitches. It is on us in what way to take it, taking its good and positive. We should always take good stains on us and ignore the negativity.















Tanvi Parag Yelne
Class - XII
Montfort School