Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Aug 2018 12:21:57


THE loss of Mr. V.S. Naipaul, one of the greatest literary titans the world has ever seen, will be felt forever. His demise at 85 cannot be treated as an outcome of old age and therefore natural. Death, of course, no one can ever escape. Yet, the world exspects men like Mr. Naipaul to live forever. For, through their contribution to public cause -- literature in Mr. Naipaul’s case -- they earn a certain sense of being eternal, if not physically immortal. Not many authors achieve such a status in popular mind, as did Mr. Naipaul. This story goes back to the time when Mr. Naipaul first resolved to do only writing -- not just for living but for life. He had a purpose of life and a resolve to live for its fulfillment. That made Mr. Naipaul the man he was. Hard logic was his core-value, and fine expression his tool. Almost every one of his 30-plus books stands on the foundation of hard logic that appealed to everybody, no matter how much opposed one was to his ideology. Basic humanism was his ideal, if one would love to avoid the word ‘ideology’. His books will endure him in popular mind for generations.