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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Aug 2018 12:28:06

Designing as a Career has taken a giant leap in last 10-12 years in India. From head to toe, from smallest to biggest, designing has become an integral part of everything due to globalisation and social media marketing. It has become an essential need for presentation, sales, marketing, product visualization, decision making of a project etc.

Designing has spread its wings across multiple industries. Let us take an example of a Super store in your area. You can always find different products like Toys, Foods, Apparels, Cloths etc. organised properly as per different categories. This arrangement makes it easy for customers to find and buy what they need. Information and sign boards are placed at every right place in store for customers’ convenience. The rearrangement of products / sections is done time-to-time by understanding seasonal products, customer needs etc. All this organisation & placement of products is facilitated through Designing.

Giant Shoes manufacturers like Nike, Adidas have designed different type of shoes specifically for different sports like cricket, basketball, football etc. Multiple factors like style of game, amount of pressure put on to feet in that game, the duration of the game etc. to design them. Ultimately, those are designed to provide maximum comfort for the players of that game.

On the similar lines, when we like the Design of any restaurant, we refer it as good ambience to others and prefer to visit there again. That’s why it is always said that a good design is half the work done.

On broader level, Designing can be divided into below 6 categories. Each of these categories has further specialisation branches.

Industrial Design has specializations like
l Product Design which aims towards better & easier usability (e.g. Mobile handset, apparels etc.)
l Furniture & Interior Design aims at providing altogether new experience by building scene with innovative ideas (e.g. Home interior, Shop interior etc.)
l Ceramic & Glass Design is inspired from art traditions and keeps emphasis on production of these materials.
l Transportation Design focuses on providing comfort, safety, trendy look, economical performance etc. to all kinds of vehicles.
l Toy & Game Design aims to devise innovative ideas of entertainment as per every age group.

While, Communication Design provides specialisations like Graphic Design, Animation Film Design, Film & Video Communication, Exhibition Design (which involves the placement of artifacts, effective usage of available space & appropriate lighting etc. for an Exhibition).

Similarly, IT Integrated Design has specialization streams like New Media Design, Information Design, Digital Games Design, Digital Design and UI/UX Design (User Interface / User experience).

Big companies like General Motors, LG, Renault, all major advertising agencies, creative film directors or production houses have realized the importance of Design and hence they hire Designers from designing schools for different above streams. But the demand is still higher than the number of designers in the country.

Though, many students have keen interest and good aptitude for choosing Designing as their career, this is not a career where you land up accidently. With so many career options available in Designing, it is essential to choose right institute and right stream / specialization to set the career on right track which suits your persona.

While the recent figures indicate that there are more than 10 students apply per 1 NID seat, it is important to identify your own design skills n inclination and prepare the NID entrance.

At Silica, we not only prepare you for entrance exam but ensure that you are a step ahead of your fellow students when you start your course.

At Silica, we emphasise on various effective means of teaching which includes Lectures, Audio Visuals, Demos, Practice sessions, Test & Portfolio and evaluations by experts. Combination of Weekly tests, Class work and Home Work help prepare for the entrance exams.
There are more than 40 career paths in Design. For the same reason, before starting your career preparation with Silica, we conduct 10-min Creativity test and 11-min Aptitude test for you. It helps the student to identify his/her own interests and abilities in specific design career. We discuss on the student’s interests, personality traits and temperament to guide him/her towards a suitable career.

Our vision is to provide exceptional quality coaching to enable students to achieve success in their careers in design. For more than 8 years, we have seen that there is a creative Designer in each of you.
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