Seven teams of BSP selected for ‘Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Aug 2018 12:05:10



Staff Reporter


Employees from Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) dominated in results of ‘Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar-2016’, announced on Aug 12, 2018. Out of a total of 28 groups selected for the prestigious awards, 7 groups from BSP are in the list. Blast Furnace led the tally with 4 groups. The other winners include one group each from Plate Mill, Coke Ovens & SMS 1.

M Ravi, CEO, Bhilai Steel Plant personally met and congratulated all the group members at CEO Conference Hall, Ispat Bhavan today on 13th Aug 2018. Also present were P K Dash, Executive Director (Works) and Anurag Nagar, GM I/c Pers & Admin.

Addressing the winning group members, Ravi said, “So many employees winning ‘Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar’ together would serve as energy booster for enhancing production levels of the plant at a time when the Plant has emerged strong from a rough period we had to go through in the last couple of months.”

Ravi urged the winners of ‘Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar’ to work to sustain the feeling of team spirit prevalent in the work force of the Plant and at the same time not to forget the all those who had made possible the jobs for which their groups have been awarded. It is now your responsibility to carry forward the good work and continue to add more value in all that you do at work with promptness for the benefit of your department and Plant, he said.

Congratulating the winners, P K Dash, ED (Works) stated that it is indeed a matter of great pride for all Bhilaians to have won so many awards. Earlier, respective team leaders of the winning groups briefed those present about their work that fetched them the awards.

As per information received from Ministry of Labour, Government of India, 42 employees of Bhilai Steel Plant have been selected for 7 awards under the ‘Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar’ (VRP) for performance year 2016. One team from Plate Mill, one team from Blast Furnaces have been selected for the Category-B award while 3 teams from Blast Furnaces, one team from Coke Ovens & Coal Chemical Department and one team from Steel Melting Shop -1 have been selected to receive Category C award.
VRP Category B winners from Plate Mill comprising of Baldev Prasad Sen, Senior Technician; Balvinder Singh, Senior Technician; Rajan Pravin Dayal, Technician; Lalit Kumar Nayak, Technician; P K Singh, Senior Operator and Chandan Lal Thakre, Technician were instrumental in inventing roll gap dial and anticipating roll force/plate thickness system by software programming at rolling stands to facilitate operator to achieve precise control increasing mill availability, yield and special quality production.

VRP Category B winners from Blast Furnaces comprising of Shailendra Kumar Chandrakar, Senior Technician; Yugal Kishor Sahu, Senior Technician; Sudama Ram Sahu, Senior Technician; Pramod Shrivastava, Mechanical Operator; Jaswant Singh Yadav, Technician; Lildhar Dadwe, Chargeman were responsible for modification in coke fines skip rope slackness switch.

VRP Category C winners from Coke Ovens & Coal Chemical Department comprising of Raj Kumar, Chargeman; Devendra Kumar, Senior Technician; Vishnu Kumar, Technician; N Ishwar Rao, Technician; Madan Lal Shambhargade, Senior Operator; Mahboob Ali, Senior Operator were instrumental in revival of end vertical flues by cleaning the inclined zone from regenerator chamber of coke oven batteries.

VRP Category C winners from Blast Furnaces including Pal Singh Thakur, Technician; Shaji Babu, Mechanical Operator; Mahendra Bawankar, Senior Technician; Palu Ram Sahu, ACT, Shivnarayan Verma, Senior Technician; Vijay Kumar Sao, Technician were responsible for innovative modification of trolley primary shaft and coupling of Ore Bridge Crane no-2 of BF Highline Charging area.

VRP Category C winners from Steel Melting Shop-1 comprising of Manoj Kumar Jagdale, Sr Oct, Abhay Kumar Puranik, Sr Oct, Ghanshyam Sahu, Oct, Dhirendra Kumar Yadav, Oct, Lochan Kumar, Oct, Sushant Buldeo, Oct were responsible for enhancing gas cleaning plant efficiency by modification in water line and cyclonic separator.

VRP Category C winners from Blast Furnaces comprising of Khemlal Sahu, Senior Technician; Santosh Kumar, Sarathe, Technician; Uday Prakash Singh, Senior Technician; Ravi Kumar Chakravorty, Technician and Toman Lal Kashyap, Technician; Onkar Prasad Gaikwad, Senior Technician ensured safe switching of main drive motor in over bridge crane to eliminate human burn injury and reduce motor burnout.

VRP Category C winners from Blast Furnaces comprising of Om Prakash Parganiha, Senior Technician; Mithilesh Kumar Adil, M Opr, Lalit Kumar, Technician; Mani Ram Verma, Senior Technician; D Mohan Rao, Sr Opr.; Md Mustafiz Ahmad, Chargeman were instrumental in modification in combustion air fan (CA fan) assembly to prevent leakage of carbon monoxide from the stoves and reduction of coke rate in Blast Furnace.