T’gana town celebrating 365 days of singing National Anthem daily

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Aug 2018 08:53:45


By Ramesh Kallepelli,

JAMMIKUNTA (Telangana),

THE people of Jammikunta, a Municipal Council town under Karimnagar district of Telangana district, are now celebrating the 365 days of singing National Anthem daily by standing still at 16 centres in the town for 52 seconds during the relaying of National Anthem at 16 centres in the town.

Inspired by the Jammikunta cops who initiated to spread patriotism and harmony in a very efficient manner, many youths and Government officials from Telangana and other States in India has launched same practice and comes to an absolute halt at 8 am sharp every single day as a part of paying respect to national anthem.

The new practice of singing National Anthem daily launched in a small town Jammikunta in Karimnagar on last Independence Day by the then Circle Inspector (CI) of Jammikunta Pingili Prashanth Reddy. And, the entire town will stand up in a display of patriotic fervour for 52 seconds as the national anthem plays every day at 16 centres in the town. This practice has been still continuing in Jammikunta city by the present CI Srujan Reddy despite of CI Prashant Reddy who has been transferred to Intelligence wing at Hyderabad, Telangana.

After the new initiative was launched, the people of Jammikunta responded overwhelmingly positive. The school children, senior citizens, vendors, and other citizens especially youths has been maintaining the same practices since a year. The cops installed 16 loudspeakers at 16 major spots so that every citizen can hear the National Anthem at Jammikunta.

The local cops will play a wakeup song at 7.45 am to alert the citizens of Jammikunta daily. An alert will be also announced before playing the national anthem at 7.58 am. The cops including CI, PSI and others will reach to main spots to stand still along with people for 52 seconds while playing of Jana Gana Mana from command and control room of Jammikunta police station.