Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Aug 2018 10:58:00










OVER the last few years the credibility of the banking sector has been terribly eroded, thanks to the huge loan repayment default, frauds by some well-placed business houses, running into thousands of crores of rupees, and the complicity of some of the top bankers. Global rating agency Standards and Poor’s, in its assessment of banking system estimates that by the next two years this bad phase would end and there would be a turn-around. But there is a rider: Authorities in the sector would have to take care of the weak risk management and internal control practices. It is the absence of these two critical factors that have proved to be the undoing of the banking system, which was taken advantage of by unscrupulous elements, leading to unprecedented NPA crisis. But the biggest breach of trust, apart from some of black sheep in the business community, was caused by some of the bank officials, even top authorities being complicit with the fraudsters. Now the task is to rebuild integrity, trust and win back the confidence of the people in the banking system.



DESPITE the suggestions made by a special committee formed on the insistence of the Supreme Court to examine the medical facilities provided on board trains, precious little seems to have been done on the front. The Railways was subjected to yet another rap from the apex court for its laxity in treating medical and emergency care on trains and stations as a core issue of public interest. The Supreme Court’s observation that “there is something terribly wrong with the Railways” is another stark reminder for the national carrier to spruce up its act and change the dismal medical aid scenario on trains as well as platforms. Most trains do not even have the basic first-aid box and barring a few long distance trains there is no doctor available to attend to any emergency. What is more disturbing is the lack of medical help even on platforms, leave aside having a basic pharmacy shop. Caring for human lives is a primary requirement for any company serving such a huge strata of the society. The hard hitting remarks by the apex court should wake up the Railways to this reality.