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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Aug 2018 15:55:13



By Dr Pratiksha Gadpal

In our day to day life most of us experience that at the end of each workday our body feels exhausted and our muscles and joints aches. As a physiotherapist one of the most important cause of these discomfort that I see is your faulty posture which you have maintained throught the day. Posture is basically the alignment of the body parts whether sitting or standing . Faulty posture is just any habitual positioning that causes unnecessary strain on the body. There are many ways to adopt a faulty posture and many factors which contribute to this condition such as poor ergonomic alignment in the work, occupational or functional posture requiring leaning forward for extended periods, faulty sitting postures such as working at an i m p r o p e r l y placed computer keyboard or screen, which then over the period of time causes impairments in the joints and muscles which ultimately leads to pain and discomfort .

Now as you know that your faulty posture contributes to a g r e a t e r extent to your pain or discomfort, is there anything you can do to minimize it? And the answer is yes. You can consult your physiotherapist to help you in correcting your posture. Remember your best posture is your next posture. Your physiotherapist will assess your posture, mobility and strength and will prescribe you the best posture correction exercise. It will take a while to get used to such changes, but over a period of time you will enjoy the health benefits that posture correction offers to you. (The author is consultant physiotherapist)