Serene hearts, the happy ones

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Aug 2018 11:07:13

So as for a start to the story,

There was an explosion and a world was formed merry,
Everything was perfectly good and happy,
It was beautifully quiet and nappy,
Till the time when he created humans,
Here was the brain with ideas and weapons,
Potion of talents, emotions and intellectuals were bestowed,
They were then covered with capabilities which glowed,
The hunger for curiosity and developmental skills in them was grown,
Sprit and soul in them was then blown,
Fulfilling layers step by step he laid,
Now was the last and most important achievement to be made,
Happiness as God said is the most important thing in this world,
Every human will be wanting to achieve this, including the nerd,
Now he decided to hide this happiness which is sacked,
He wanted humans to win it coz it was what they lacked,
He decided not to give it away to humans that easy,
It will reduce its value and make humans lazy,
They have to try harder to pursue this goal,
The last central void piece that can fill the human heart hole,
He thought to hide it in different places,
And create fully fleshed adventurous mazes,
Coz he knew the harder the humans try,
The higher will be the importance lengthened till the sky,
He thought to hide it under the ocean,
But humans will dive deep and acquire it in all its portion,
He then denied the thought of the sea,
It's easy for them as someone makes a cup of tea,
He then turned towards the ground,
A thought that arose was to bury it deep down,
Throwing the thought aside as it can't dwell,
It's easy for them to dig a deep well,
Looking up at the mountain cover,
An idea rejecting thought arose as humans climb there to hover,
The clouds high up there can be a confusing place,
Humans have got flights to catch as they simply tie a lace,
Next he thought the moon or planets may hide the happiness sack,
These humans have got spaceships arranged in a rack,
He wondered for thoughts deep into the deeper,
But couldn't find a perfect place for the reaper,
Finally an idea popped in God's mind,
He explained the thing humans lag behind,
It's the inside that humans forget to search for,
It's the safest place for happiness to hide for which the God's sure,
He decided to hide that valuable sack inside,
The safest place reachable to all and none which is abide,
Humans will keep on searching everywhere he said,
They have to find it in his soul instead and not in the dead,
Searching in the dead world will be waste of time,
All that the humans will get is a big lime,
For achieving it all he will have to peep,
Not in the world but in himself too deep,
That's how tough and simple the mystery goes,
The story is to be followed as God shows,
Stop finding happiness in things and people around,
Everything you want rests deep in your heart ground,
The hardest place to reach where the sack stays,
Coz people search the world and try to fake happiness in ways,
Cleaner and purer your heart gets,
Easier the happiness in you meets your soul and life sets.











Rucha Varma
BE Final Year,
Jhulelal Institute of Technology