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A Kindergarten or Playschool is the first step for children to develop their abilities. It provides a stimulating environment that allows the child the freedom to act spontaneously and are motivated to further their perception all the time. The best kindergartens should have special value based home-like environment that enhances the child’s desire to learn.

By dr shazia khan

“ Kindergarten children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources, and eager to learn.”

--Robert Fulghum.

From the very beginning children must be encouraged to see colours, shapes, listen to music, sounds, hear encouraging and soothing voices, move their limbs and bodies, feel different textures and surfaces, be aware of varied tastes and smells.

For this kindergartens/playschools provide all the necessary tools and aim at holistic development of the child. The Play School is usually split into different zones where children unleash their potential. It must have a learning zone, activity zone, audio visual zone and an indoor play zone with educational and creative teaching aids and toys and a safe outdoor play area.

Children progress through the rooms depending on age and developmental needs.Activities within the class rooms should be planned according to the child’s stage of development. The playway method builds on previous learning and takes into account each child’s increasing concentration span and developing skills. Kindergarten teachers must encourage creativity and individual expression. They should provide different activities for the children to become involved in and get engaged and ensure that these are rotated regularly to maintain children’s interests. The following exercises and skills should be carefully designed.

Practical Exercises – Practical exercises helps in hand and eye co-ordination and helps the children to achieve mastery of their movements.Sensory Exercises – Everything in the class room should be for touching and exploring which helps in the refinement of all the senses.
Social and Emotional Skills – It is an important focus in a child’s development and encourages active child participation.

Cognitive Skills – An important demand of development- using tangible objects to represent abstract ideas.Physical Exercise – Simple and structured programmes of movement and physical mastery of motions.
Outdoors - Outdoor play is considered to be vital for child’s health, development and education.

Field Trips -- Makes the child confident and independent and stimulates creative thinking.
Every kindergarten should follow the following teaching learning techniques through:-
Imaginative Play - e.g. house, hospital, shop, café, clinic, hairdressing salon.
Natural Materials – e.g. water, sand, clay, wood, dough.
Creative Materials – e.g. art/ craft using a wide range of media.

Physical (indoor and outdoor ) – e.g. climbing, balancing equipment, bat/ball, mobile toys.
Construction Materials – e.g. large and small blocks and bricks; smaller construction toys.
Table-top Toys – i.e. a large variety of smaller materials which require matching, sorting, grading and encourage pattern making.

Picture, Story Books, and Story Telling – on an individual and group basis.All these infrastructural support and resources are helpful only if the kindergarten teacher can make the best use of it. Kindergarten teaching is a multi-faceted occupation. It is rightly said, that it takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Kindergarten teachers need to be very strong emotionally and psychologically. Creativity in teaching ensures that kids enjoy learning and helps them to understand the concepts easily.
An ideal kindergarten teacher should have a very delicate approach towards the young learners. Teaching young minds’ is a big task. To teach is to touch a life forever. Kindergarten teachers who love teaching will try to find individual approach for each kids and help to unleash their creativity and individual expression.

(The author is Director, STEPS Playschool, Faculty, Trainer and Consultant and can be reached at [email protected])