Naxal carrying Rs 47 lakh reward surrenders

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Aug 2018 08:09:59


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In a major blow to Left Wing Extremists, a desperately wanted Naxalite carrying Rs 47 lakh reward on his head surrendered before Durg Range Inspector General of Police GP Singh. The ultra, with many aliases, cited multiple reasons for his surrender including biased treatment being meted out to him, hollow Maoist ideology and most importantly, he was highly impressed with the rehabilitation policy of State Government.

“The outlaw Pahad Singh Kumarsai alias Ram Mohammed Singh Toppo, a resident of Fafamar village under Gaindatola police station, was Special Zonal Committee (SZC) member of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (MMZ) Zone and Secretary of Gondia Rajnandgaon Balaghat (GRB) Divisional Committee,” said an elated Durg Range IG G P Singh while addressing a press conference on Thursday.

According to IG Singh, Pahad Singh told the police that he thought that he was working for the uplift of downtrodden and poverty-stricken tribal, but Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra top Naxal leaders doubted his credentials ever since he joined the ranks of armed insurgency.

“Pahad Singh admitted that the Maoists cadres of Chhattisgarh were often used to be harassed and tortured by top cadres of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, whereas they used to given due preference to their rebels hailing from their respective regions. Poor tribals from Chhattisgarh, inducted as insurgent are treated like animals and they are merely used as ‘scapegoat’ by using them as security cover to top Naxal leaders,” said the top cop referring to the statement of surrendered Maoist. To a query, IG Singh also affirmed that the surrender ultra has levelled serious allegations against the top ranks of banned outfit for exploiting them economically, mentally and physically. “Such exploitation in the name of Maoists ideology proved that there is gulf of difference between what Naxalites say and what they do. Second grade treatment is meted out against tribal cadres,” said IG Singh in another statement of Pahad Singh.

“Pahad Singh has accused the Naxalites for forcing the tribals to live in darkness as they are damaging school buildings, roads, bridges and culverts and health centres while they were using tribal cadres for extortion, murder and loot,” said the Durg Range IG.

Singh congratulated the entire team of Rajnandgaon Police for this big achievement. Director General of Police (DGP) AN Upadhyay and Special DGP (Naxal Ops) DM Awasthi have welcomed the surrender of Pahad Singh and congratulated the Durg Range Police officials and staff members and Rajnandgaon district police force for the success.

According Singh, earlier Pahad Singh along with his family members used to pluck tendu leaves in villages Masuli, Bonde and nearby forest, way in 1991 and used to live in a jungle hut. The outlaw also used to teach children in Gram Panchayat Fafamar School at Rs 500 per month.

“It was during this period, Deori Dalam Commander Deepak Mandavi along with over 30-40 Naxals often used to visit his hut and tell the tales of Maoist ideology,” the IGP said, elaborating further that in 1999, he had gone to village Khedepar to meet his relative Jagat Kunjam where Deori Dalam Commander Devchand alias Chandu alias Naresh, a resident of Bhamragarh and Secretary GRB Division Secretary Jagan met him in Maldongari forest. They duo brainwashed him telling that though an educated tribal, he was jobless and thus he should come forward to safeguard the dignity and interests of tribal youths.

Replying to a query, IG G P Singh revealed as to how Pahad Singh – an ordinary villager turned into a most dreaded Maoist wanted by the police force of three states
According to the IG, Pahad Singh was asked to work underground for taking up recruitment in Peoples Guerrilla Army (PGA). Thereafter, Pahad Singh was given the responsibility of propagating Maoist ideology in Gaindatola and Chhuria police station areas for six months. Being poverty-stricken and unemployed, he was influenced by Maoist ideology and worked for six months.

Satisfied with his work, Deori Dalam Commander inducted him as Deori Dalam member in 2000 and handed over 8MM gun and was given the responsibility of pilot in Deori Dalam. Later in 2003, he was made Deori Area Committee member and then in 2006, he was made Secretary of Tanda Malazkhand Area Committee unanimously and in 2008 he was made North Garhchiroli Gondia Division member. In 2014, in accordance with the Naxalite expansion strategy, it was decided to make MMC (Maharashta-Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh) Zone. Pahad Singh was made Secretary of GRB Divisional C

ommittee under MMC zone to strengthen Naxalite base.
He also accused that the top Naxal leaders of Maharashtra and Andhra were pretending to work for good cause of tribals, but actually engaged extorting money from different sources and living a luxurious life. In a fit of rage, he often raised this issue before top ranks, but to no avail. Instead, they started doubting Pahad Singh’s credentials. Fed up with hollow Maoist ideology and unleashing a reign of terror and violence, Pahad Singh decided to return to the mainstream. The Maoist organisation suffered a major setback with the leaving of Pahad Singh.

Gadchiroli, Gondia had been hotbeds

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NAXAL Commander Pahad Singh, who surrendered before Chhattisgarh Police on Thursday, was most active in Gadchiroli and Gondia districts of Vidarbha. Pahad Singh was involved in 51 offences in Gadchiroli, 14 in Gondia and had killed several people including the police personnel in last 15 years. Gadchiroli Police had declared a reward of Rs 16 lakh on his head.

In 2013, the then SP Suvez Haque had visited the residence of Pahad Singh and had offered sweets and clothes to his family members urging them to persuade Pahad Singh to surrender. In 2014, his body guard Sandeep had surrendered and had told the police that Pahad Singh too was likely to surrender soon. On getting this information, Gadchiroli police had made some efforts for his surrender but that did not materialize. Finally, Pahad Singh surrendered before the Rajnandgaon Police.

Pahad Singh, whose real name is Kumarsay Katlami, is a resident of village Phafamar in Rajnadgaon district of Chhattisgarh. His wife Shakunibai was Sarpanch of Phafamar village between 2001 and 2003. However, differences cropped up between Pahad Singh, his wife, and villagers over some issues. Following this, villagers passed a ‘no trust motion’ against Shakunibai.

Later, Pahad Singh joined Naxal Dalam in 2003 and was the Commander of North Gadchiroli-Gondia Division till 2015. Later on, he was given the responsibility of MMC (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh) zone. Since then he has been working in Balaghat district to spread Naxal movement.

Pahad wrote letters to daughters in 2014

In 2014, Gadchiroli Police had recovered a letter written by Pahad Singh to his daughters Chandrakanta and Vinita.
‘The Hitavada’ had carried a report quoting the contents of the letter in which Pahad Singh wanted his daughters to become doctors. Chandrakanta and Vinita had participated in ‘Maharashtra Darshan’ tour conducted by Gadchiroli Police in 2013. In 2014, Chandrakanta studied in Class XI and she had expressed her desire to become doctor. She had even appealed to her father to pay heed towards her and her sister’s education. Since then, Pahad Singh was thinking of surrendering.