Amit strikes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Aug 2018 11:17:27


By Aasawari Shenolikar,

In today’s world of rap and remixes, of lyrics with loaded meanings and senseless notes, Amit Trivedi’s music stands out. From composing jingles way back in 2001 when he set foot in the music industry, to stepping gingerly, seven years later, in Bollywood, Amit has come a long way. Ten years down the line, his music is still fresh, he is still evolving, and with each film experimenting and learning more about something that he is very passionate about. “Music is an integral part of me. I live, breathe and sleep music,” says the uber talented singer while talking to The Hitavada.

Amit’s major contribution to the industry this year is that he has given music to Anurag Kashyap’s romantic musical Manmarziyan. The movie and its music is making waves because of a unique strategy planned by the producers and the crew of the movie to promote the film. “The film consists of 14 tracks and one song from Manmarziyan was released every morning this past week as part of the #WakeUpToManmarziyan campaign,” apprises Amit.

In this era of aggressive marketing, each producer and director wants to leave his imprint, even where trailer launches are concerned and while we’ve had filmmakers launching Trailer No 1, Trailer No 2, and so on at regular intervals, the team of Manmarziyan came up with the idea of promoting the musical by holding a live concert in six cities across the nation. “This is a way to directly connect with the people. What you see, you remember, and so when the people see the stars of the film Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu interacting with them amidst the backdrop of awesome music, they will surely remember it and make an effort to watch the film,” says Amit, who will be making the audience groove with his awesome music.

An overload of exposure takes away the charm, the mystique associated with a film and when one goes to watch a film these days, it is as if you have already watched the film in the numerous trailers so released before the movie. Amit disagrees with it and politely puts his point across. “Times have changed. And today one has to make a noise, one has to be aggressive in marketing one’s product. Only will then will people leave the cozy comforts of their couches where they can watch everything on their mobiles, ipads and small screens and come to the theatre, spend money and watch a film.” He also believes that there is nothing wrong in aggressive marketing because the producers have pumped in a lot of money and they have to do everything that is in their power to get good returns.

This maverick, who hasn’t had any formal training in music, dabbles with equal ease in two extreme forms of music. He is rocking the Bollywood beat and, at the same time making waves with his independent albums. How does he juggle the two extremes as Bollywood is basically a director’s vision and independent albums are his own free expressions and sometimes the two are poles apart? “That’s because I am passionate about music. I don’t find it difficult to slip into a film’s situational scenario and compose music. Here I follow the director’s vision, the script and the situation, and as for my independent albums, sky is the limit for my expressions. The bottom line is that you need to enjoy what you do and things fall into place comfortably.”

Manmarziyan has 14 tracks. Ask him if all the tracks play to their full length in the film and he laughs before saying, “It’s a musical love story and it is the songs that take the narrative forward. But no, not all the songs are full length songs.” At the same time he says that songs are an integral part of Bollywood films. “Unlike films from foreign languages, Hindi films music speaks a lot for the film and many go to watch films for the fantastic music alone. Films and music are an inseparable part of the Hindi film industry and that is why songs will never go out of fashion.” And people like him will always have their hands full with work, work that gives them complete satisfaction and is melodious music to others’ ears.

And what is his take on the remixes? “It’s a filmmakers choice to remix a song. If he thinks it suits a particular situation and that its popularity in the past will help sell the film, why not? If people accept the remixes, so be it. It keeps the songs alive.”

And does he feel that old is still gold? “Absolutely, but it’s not to take away from the present music scenario. We make good songs that have a longevity in today’s times too. It’s just that the volume of work has gone up and besides the film songs, the listener is inundated with many independent albums and songs too.” So, in short, songs will continue to thrive in Hindi films.

This soulful singer, a gifted musician, winner of National Film Award for Best Music Direction enchants music lovers with his folksy soulful Coke Studio renditions as much as he does with his film compositions. His music is fresh, it is hugely appealing and each time what Amit Trivedi sits down to compose music, what he does is strike the right chords.