Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Aug 2018 11:20:33

Our Correspondent Rajnandgaon, August 23: In a major blow to Left Wing Extremists, a desperately wanted Naxalite carrying Rs. 47 lakh-reward on his head, surrendered before Durg Range Inspector General of Police G.P. Singh.

The ultra, with many aliases, cited multiple reasons for his surrender, included biased treatment being meted out to him, hollow Maoist ideology. Most importantly, he was highly impressed with the rehabilitation policy of the Chhattisgarh Government.

“The outlaw Pahad Singh Kumarsai alias Ram Mohammad Singh Toppo, a resident of Fafamar village under Gaindatola Police Station, was Special Zonal Committee (SZC) member of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and Secretary of Gondia Rajnandgaon Balaghat Divisional Committee, said an elated G.P. Singh at a press conference on Thursday.

THIS shows clearly that the Government is having an obvious upper hand in the fight against Left Wing Extremism (LWE), a process that got started about a year ago and is now continuing. The heartening aspect of this situation is that the governmental leaders -- political as well as police -- have been confident about achieving this success. Thus, the development can be considered a golden moment in the nation’s fight against Maoism. This fight was going on for nearly three decades and was not showing signs of abatement. But now, things appear to be changing for better, in larger national interest.

The surrender of Pahad Singh, therefore, stands testimony to the resolute manner in which the Government has been combating Maoism or Naxalism in the country for a fairly long time. His surrender indicates a possible changing trend in the Naxal ranks whose members have shown signs of buckling under the constant and consistent pressure from the Government and its security forces.

Around the time the Government started applying more pressure, the Maoists started showing signs of cracks in their ranks. Their material resources were under strain and their numbers were dwindling and their resolve watering down, thanks to the Government’s Naxalite Surrender Policy, mounting police pressure, plus emphasis on systematic developmental efforts in Naxal-affected areas.This process got pushed further from the time of the Jerum Ghati massacre of Congress leaders by the Naxals. It was then that the Government made up its mind for a final push.

All this is still physical in description. Something spiritual was hindering the fight-back. For, many politicians all over the country had been sympathising with the Naxal movement silently. They joined hands with Naxalites in contesting elections, allowed many concessions to the Left Wing Extremists, and even went to the extent of calling the Naxals as “our own children” who have gone astray. Many still hoped that those wayward kids could be won over again.

Of course, that was utter nonsense, and no such dream was going to be fulfilled. For, the Naxalites were not just those wayward kids. Much to the contrary, they were the nation’s sworn enemies, committed to busting the country’s lawfully established Government through an armed struggle. Such people are never just wayward kids. The moment the political class in India started realising this, things started turning against the Left Wing Extremists immediately.

Of course, the battle is not even half-won. For, at this stage, all we can claim credit for is that the Government is fighting back systematically, and is pushing the Naxalite movement into a tight corner. By any standard, this is only a beginning, and much distance needs to be travelled to ensure that the Naxals keep getting pushed to the wall and keep losing their cadres as well as other resources.

There is still a major challenge to be tackled at this stage. The Maoists are spreading their wings in urban areas with the help of an ugly nexus they have formed with certain political forces that are often goaded and guided by external elements. This expansion of the Naxalite activity in cities is a direct outcome of the losing battle the Left Wing Extremists are fighting in the hinterland. As a counter-attack, the Naxals are now trying their best to win over youth especially in deprived sections of India’s urban settlement. They are using money as one of their tools to win over the unthinking, unsuspecting youngsters and other low-level political activists to launch anti-government activities. It is this reality that the Government is now waking up to, which must be considered to be a good sign.

There is yet another area which the Government has not addressed still with focus. It pertains to the sly intellectual invasion the Leftist ideologues have unleashed on Indian education system. Years ago, they infiltrated into the education-management at Government level. Then they started changing on the sly the curricular content from school levels and took the push right up to the college and university levels. That way, they feel that they would be able to influence a lot of educated youngsters.

It is this area that needs an immediate attention by the Government. If this is done in right earnest and right manner, the Naxals could be defeated in this intellectual theatre of war. This is not a tough task, but it needs a spirited, systematic and consistent action to undo the damage the silent Leftist aggression has caused to the nationalistic thought. There is little doubt that the Government will do all this in a step-by-step manner in the times to come. It is easy to predict now that Left Wing Extremism will be pushed back successfully. The current upper hand the Government enjoys is the clear signal in this regard.