Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Aug 2018 11:03:18

CONGRESS President Mr. Rahul Gandhi is indulging in huge nonsense in foreign countries, where he is all the time trying to dish out falsehood and cheap statements that do not go well with the status of the country’s oldest political organisation and largest Opposition party. His only mission seems to try to malign the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The main accusation he is hurling at the two of the most important public organisations in India is that they are dividing the country. He then tries to tell stories of some India’s historical personalities who held the country together. This attempt by Mr. Rahul Gandhi accounts for a huge nonsense which even the people in foreign lands also understand very well. 


The surprising part is that the Congress party’s think-tank or collective leadership does not seem to object to such outlandish statements by their leader. The party does not realise that statements like these were the reasons why the Congress party lost power that it enjoyed for full ten years. It was widely believed by almost all political observers that Mr. Rahul Gandhi was one of the most critical reasons for the downfall of the Congress party. Despite this, there appears no effort on the part of the Congress party’s top-level leadership to rein the man in. This is all the more surprising when the country will go to polls in less than a year. It is this period when the political parties become more careful about their projections and presentations so that the people do not carry a wrong impression about them. Neither Mr. Rahul Gandhi nor his party seem aware of this reality.

However, it must be admitted that such wild statements and such senseless indulgences are a habit of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Ever since he ascended the high pedestal in the party by accident of birth in the Gandhi family, this man has only indulged in senseless talk. And ever since Mr. Narendra Modi assumed prime ministership, Mr. Gandhi has gone all the more berserk. The statements made in Germany and later in England in the past few days indicate the rotten manner of Mr. Gandhi’s thinking.

It is obvious that Mr. Gandhi thinks that he is addressing political rallies in India making senseless allegations and baseless accusations. The unfortunate part of India’s political culture is that there is no need to substantiate what you say if you have said that from a political platform. Whatever is said in political rallies need not be substantiated at all. It appears that Mr. Gandhi thinks that his statements in Germany and England have come on cheap political platforms.

Never mind all that, there is reason for us to believe that Mr Gandhi’s audiences in foreign countries are full of responsible people who understand the reality of Indian politics better than many others. This means, whatever Mr. Gandhi dishes out there is taken with bags-full of salt. Who knows, the members of those audiences may be making a great fun of the man the moment they are out of the event. And we also have the reason to believe that Mr. Gandhi must not be realising the ill-effect of his cheap and senseless statements.

There is no need to offer any explanations about the BJP and the RSS at this point; it is suffice to say that the crores of people who follow these organisations know the truth far better than does Mr. Rahul Gandhi.