‘I DON’T RELATE to web series’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Aug 2018 10:08:12


A CTRESS Manasi Salvi says she is “too orthodox” when it comes to different types of mediums and that she doesn’t relate to the digital platform. “Web series is something thatI don’trelate to it.I can’t watch myself ‘on the go’. I think I am too orthodox in terms of medium. I love television. It is whereIbegan my career.

Television has supported me for 21 years and has given me a variety of roles, looks and fabulous creative professional people to work with so, I am quite happy doing TV as of now and I don’t plan the future,” Manasi told IANSin an email interview recently. She is so loyal to the small screen that she has chosen to keep away from movies for a while. “Marathi cinema is very close to my heart.

I have done six Marathi films,Ihave won a state award for one and a Screen award as well. I am extremely happy about that. But being in a daily soap, I don’t get time to give dates for a longer schedule in Marathi cinema. “Right now, I am very loyal to TV and my advertisements.I want to stay like that a little longer,” said the Sadarakshanaay actress. She has now joined the cast of the show Papa By Chance on Star Bharat as Sucharita Chopra, an elite businesswoman.Afewyears ago, she had played a character who belonged to a wealthy family in the show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara.

“The choice of character has never been a process whereIsee that the characteris wealthy or poor,but just comes instinctively when you listen to a particular script and also how the womanis,what are the struggles in life, do I identify with her... “For choosing a character, I believe it’s not much of a choice of an actor, even it’s a choice it needs to fit the bill.

It needs to be approved by a lot of creative people who take the story forward. This is the reason why I believe that every character that comes to an actor is probably destined.” Is she acting as a strict or alenient mother in the show? “A mother can never be strict, a mother canneverbe lenient. A mother is probably a responsible woman and I play a responsible woman in this series,” said the actress, also a mother in real life. “My daughter influences a lot of work that I take up because I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable with what I do personally and professionally.

It’s a kind of responsibility that I feel from my end.” She is excited about her wardrobe for Papa By Chance. “I have always been lucky in terms of my wardrobe. Every show of mine has given me a new style and a new look. I am looking forward to this one because it’s a combination of suits and saris and jackets and a combination of every thing that I have done till date. What I really like about Sucharita’s wardrobe are the colours. They are bold and beautiful,” said Manasi.