Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Aug 2018 10:36:24


I LOVE to embrace bad things, hard things. I love to see worst situations and the way people handle it. I love to view the hills go steeply up and down. I love to see a tiny boat dangling in the storm. I love these things which seems dreadful to others because it bestow on me, the true attitude of people. To keep the wheel of success moving there are mandatory stones of obstacles. I witness everyone going through them, tumbling through them and trying hard not to fall on them. The way my prey proceeds, defines its own destiny. Yes its me. I AM PATIENCE.

I am patience, I am the one who judge people going through hard times. I only make strong people my prey so that they can explore their own strength, exploiting their comfort zone, because I know those who rely on me are surely going to harvest golden fruits.

I am patience. Success follows me, in a unidirectional context. I check your attitude when you have everything and I check your patience when you have nothing.
Application of my virtue in your life shall give you immense satisfaction, commit the mistake of violating me and you are doomed. Yes its me, patience!

Don’t question me by asking why only a few people face worse situations? Because I permeate only strong people with potential tensile and if you are going through a bad time believe me, you are a titled worrier. Apply me to endeavour desired results.

But hey! Don’t be relaxed if you haven’t encountered me yet because I know you are strong and may visit you any time.












Tanvi Parag Yelne
Class - XI Montfort School