Unforgettable regrets

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Aug 2018 10:27:15

When I first saw you, all I could notice were your eyes I got lost in it deeply, I felt some kind of magic showering around.

You had a beautiful eyes the kind one could be lost in it, and I guess I did...
For a fleeting moment eye contact happened, which, made my heart stumble.

Deep inside my heart suddenly I could feel it beating.
I’ve never seen someone like you ever before...
Someone has rightly said, eyes do talk!
That day I felt the eyes were talking and the only thing I cling to was my heart beats.
It had never happened to me ever before..!
It was a deep connection of truth, loyalty, understanding and much more beyond..!

It was such a great feeling that my soul embraced.
“I was craving for your attention but then I caught you stalking”
We both were sailing on the same boat but the difference was “distance”
I wish I could come close to you, I wish I could..
I started feeling the air, the essence of calmness around me, the touch, a beautiful view...
For a moment, I was feeling every bit around me.
part from the world, the only truth I believe in, are your eyes..

Eyes convey many things that that even words can’t express!!
But are you really trustworthy?
What if you are not?
Would you be afraid of losing me or you don’t care enough?
Should I consider you as my beautiful dream or a
Do eyes express what one feels?
Were you real or just my vision??









Prachi Tarachand Kodwani
CSE (3rd)
Jhulelal Institute of Technology (JIT)