Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Aug 2018 12:34:07










BY POWERING one of its flights with biojet fuel, no-frills private airlines SpiceJet has shown willingness to break a new path. India thus becomes one of the few countries in the world to try alternative sources of energy and reduce polluting energy agents like the petroleum products. This is one more attempt by the Union Government to give a big push to use of non-polluting energy sources like biofuels. The SpiceJet test flight was partially powered by biofuel produced from jatropha plant with major share being that of the conventional Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF). This success should encourage more and more use of alternative non-polluting fuels manufactured from agricultural produce like molasses and jatropha. With increasing demand for fuel and the country having to import 70 pc of its requirement of crude oil, it has to seek alternative sources of energy to reduce its import bill and also save its environment from the polluting agents that are released with the use of fossil fuels. Apart from high cost, pollution caused by fossil fuels has become the biggest concern.


PREDICTABLY a majority of the Opposition parties raised the demand for going back to t he old ballot box voting system and stopping the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), though the issue was not on the agenda of the Election Commission (EC). While the Election Commission did not make any commitment on the Opposition’s demand, it has assured to provide solutions to concerns over EVMs raised by them. Majority of Opposition parties have been making the demand for reverting to the ballot box system, ignoring the fact that it is a very cumbersome and time consuming system with requirement of huge manpower. This is needlessly creating doubts in public mind about the reliability of EVMs as a transparent and viable system. In spite of this sustained adverse campaign by political vested interests, the Election Commission has stood its ground and has been thoroughly backing the use of EVMs On a number of occasions the Election Commission has taken pains to show the EVMs’ reliability.