Fear of water-borne diseases creates panic

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Aug 2018 11:47:56



Staff Reporter


With two more deaths, now dengue has claimed 32 lives across Durg district and over 150 patients of it are undergoing treatment at hospitals of district as well as capital Raipur. To control over this situation, district administration and health authorities are doing all of efforts but the situation is going out of control.

As there is no medicine or vaccine that can prevent this vector borne disease, only vector control can help to check its spread said Dr. J Tiwari, senior doctor and member of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) of union ministry of health and family welfare.
Dr Tiwari as well as other doctors of NVBDCP stated that civic bodies alone cannot control mosquito breeding with limited manpower at the last minute and that there is an urgent need for public participation to achieve desired results. ‘Every year vector borne diseases claims so many lives. In fact, Chhattisgarh reports second maximum number of deaths from malaria after Odisha across nation in last one decade. We are urging people to ensure cleanliness in their homes and neighbourhood to check stagnation of clean water because that is where Aedes mosquitoes can transmit dengue breed’ he added.

Another senior doctor Dr. GK Verma alleged that in all of the affected areas of dengue across district, condition is pathetic as many of the households encroached drain areas too and as a result there is no space for drain water to go outside from areas.

Thus this store water becomes a major factor for rising cases of dengue, malaria and other vector borne diseases amongst people. People should understand that it is their responsibility to save themselves and their dear ones from outbreak of dengue and do not waste time in blaming administration as well as others for mishap.

With urbanization, increased construction activities and poor waste management, the magnitude of the problem of mosquito borne diseases is also going up. In other affected areas of dengue in the district such as Powerhouse and township, poor waste management is also one of the major factors for rising cases of dengue and other diseases.

Meanwhile there is little decline in the number of admitted patients of dengue at various healthcares in twin cities of Durg and Bhilainagar. But condition is still pathetic and many of dengue affected patients are in Intensive Care Units of the hospital battling for their life from this dangerous vector borne disease.

‘At present 35 patients at twin cities and 10 patients at capital Raipur is in ICUs of different hospitals and is under observation of senior medical experts. There is positive sign or improvement has been reported from these patients in many of healthcare’ asserted Dr. SP Mandal, in-charge of vector borne diseases in the district.

Meanwhile along with dengue, now many cases of malaria have also been reported at several hospitals in last one week. Thus it clearly shows that along with dengue, district is also witnessing malaria outbreak too.
‘Yes some cases of malaria are also being reported but they are out of danger and many of them discharged after getting proper treatment and medication’ pointed Dr. JP Meshram, deputy director of health services and family welfare of state.