Petrol touches Rs 86.08/litre, diesel at Rs 74.57

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Aug 2018 09:31:59



Business Bureau

Soaring fuel prices have once again started annoying consumers cutting across the categories. Be it traders, transporters or a common people, skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel are spoiling financial calculations of every one.

Petrol that was sold at a price of Rs 85.95 per litre on Tuesday jumped to Rs 86.08 per litre to be sold on Wednesday. It recorded a hike of 13 paise per litre. Similar hike was noticed in diesel which jumped from Rs 74.43 on Monday to Rs 74.57 per litre on Tuesday night showing increase of 14 paise per litre.

The prices of diesel and petrol declared on Tuesday night will be applicable for sale of Wednesday.
“The prices are consistently going up at regular interval of time. The consumers are facing inconvenience which they reflect while filling fuel at our outlet. But everyone here is helpless,” said one of the petrol pump dealers on a condition of anonymity.

The dealer also said that the hike in fuel prices in the country are not complementing the crude oil prices at international markets. “Many of our customers keep on asking us the rational behind the price rise. As we have nothing to offer them we keep silence. But the fact is that people are feeling frustrated especially the service class consumers and youths who have fixed budgets for fuel,” he said.

Kuku Marwaha, President of Nagpur Truckers Unity, said, “We have been raising voice against this for quite long but it seems that the policy makers are not interested in this matter. High fuel prices, especially diesel that has almost touched Rs 75 per litre mark is a big concern for trade and industry. It will create irreparable loss to the country’s economy.”

Marwaha loss said that he had never seen fuel prices flying so high. “For the first time in my 40-year-long business career, I have been buying diesel at these prices which are going up every passing day. It has ruined more than 60 per cent of the transport business and the situation is likely to worsen in coming days,” he observed. Ajit Jadhav, one of the consumers while filling petrol at one of the outlets, told The Hitavada that he is exploring others means of conveyance. “I cannot afford to spend so much on petrol. I have to bear expenses of fuel for bikes bought for my son and daughter,” he said. Policy makers should give some respite to the consumers by way of controlling the prices, he added.