Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Aug 2018 12:22:04










THE figures put before the Lok Sabha by Minister of State for Defence Mr. Subhash Bhamre on shortage of officers in the three armed forces confirm two things. One, the armed forces’ strict screening norms and no-compromise policy in recruiting personnel. Second is the lack of awareness as well as serious effort on part of the government in attracting youth to the armed forces. The Army faces the biggest shortage of 7,298 officers as against the sanctioned strength. This calls for an urgent need to review the induction policy in the forces. Lateral induction can be an alternative but for that the Government needs to build adequate training facilities for officer cadets. Lack of such capacities is also a major hindrance in intake of officers in Army for a long time. Another area is inculcation of patriotism as a matter of culture in school and college education. With little motivation in their formative years, youth tend to opt for jobs with better service conditions instead of facing the rigours of military training. A ramped up publicity campaign in the society is also the need of the hour.



THE nation’s capital presents a fine example of how education in the Government sector has become a grand mess-up. According to a report as many as 65 pc Government schools in the national capital are headless. That is the perfect picture of complete Government apathy. It hurts the less privileged sections of the society the most. Because it is they who are dependent on the Government schools as those in private sector are beyond their reach due to prohibitively expensive education in the private sector institutions. Nearly 600 Government schools in Delhi either have not appointed principals or have no provision for the post. And this goes on for years. Like many other issues the Aam Adami Party (AAP) Government of Delhi blames the Central Government. In this tug of war between the Centre and Delhi Government education catering mostly to the underprivileged classes is suffering. There should have no place for politics in a critical issue like education of the children. Both the entities must share the blame for this situation.