Free LPG cylinders, smart phones prove to be of one time use!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Aug 2018 11:35:08



By Manoj Sharma


The poverty-stricken families living below poverty line (BPL) are reportedly not happy with the free of cost distribution of LPG cylinder under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana as they are not able to get the cylinder filled up with gas due to high price.

As per information, 70,000 LPG cylinders had been distributed by the Central Government but only 700 people are getting their cylinders filled up. Every month BPL families have to pay Rs 880 for LPG and Rs 400 for recharge of smart phones that is also distributed by the government free of cost.

Now, the BPL families say that from where they get Rs 1300 every month to get their cylinder filled with gas and recharge of their mobile phones. Now, the BPL families have started cooking on hearth (chulha) using woods.

A family member said that he had gone to city to get the cylinder filled up but when asked to pay Rs 880, he came back without getting their cylinder filled. Since then never went to get the LPG. The BPL families said that they have not spend even a single penny in preparing meals as they get woods from forest.

Villagers said that it would have been better if the government would have launched a scheme that would have enhanced their source of income.

In 2007-08, according to BPL families census, the family member income should not be more than Rs 365. In such low income, how can one get one’s cylinder filled up. According to gas agencies, 70,000 LPG connections had been distributed. Out of them only 700 people are getting their cylinder filled up with gas.

Those are getting their cylinders filled up, do not appear to be from BPL category.

The LPG connections were distributed to 69276 BPL families through 12 gas agencies including Indane, Bharat Gas and HP. In two and half years only 704 people are getting their LPG filled up, rest 68,500 have stopped filling their cylinders.

Meanwhile, Somari, Sukhdai, Sulochana, Kamalbati, Giteshwari, Padma and Fulobai said that it would have been better if their family members had got any jobs. It is not possible for them to spend Rs 1300 (Rs 900 on LPG and Rs 400 on recharge of mobile) every month. The LPG connections and smart phones are of no use for BPL families. From where will they get such hefty amount of money to spend on gas and smart phones. Meanwhile, MLA Mohan Markam said that it’s cruel joke on BPL families. Spending Rs 900 on LPG is becoming difficult even for middle class people. Government has distributed smart phones, who will pay for recharge, asked MLA Markam. In villages, there is no network, how the smart phones will be useful for them.

Anurag Bhadoria, District Food Officer said that it’s true that very few people are coming for getting their cylinder filled up, despite advising the BPL families to get their cylinders filled up with gas. They are holding camps in markets and giving demonstrations to make people aware about the use of LPG but the results are very poor, said Bhadoria.