Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Aug 2018 11:38:47

HAVING achieved major successes in the hotbeds of Maoist menace in places like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha in recent months, it was but natural for the security forces to turn their attention to the actual think-tanks who were the guiding force behind left extremists, masquerading as intellectual elites in the country’s urban centres. The Tuesday’s multi-state crackdown on the so called Naxal ideologues, during which the security people arrested five top brains behind the left extremist movement, was the culmination of the planned tracking of these people. Their arrests must also be the fall-out of months and years of close watch on their anti-national activities. While the security forces have been able to confront the anti-national forces in the field head on, these so called intellectuals were carrying out their anti-national activities while enjoying civilian protection and even exalted status as responsible citizens. 

They unwittingly concluded that they were much beyond suspicion and beyond the eye of intelligence people. Tuesday’s crackdown proved them totally wrong. Those so called human rights protagonists, who are protesting against the arrests of Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonzalvage, Arun Ferreira, Sudha Bhardwaj and Gautam Navlakha, are either ignorant about the real face of these people or are supporting the wrong cause. These sympathisers of the wrong cause very conveniently turn a blind eye to the human rights violations, in most macabre manner, to say the least, promoted by these people for years and decades, throwing a challenge to the security of the nation.

Pedaling a facade of ideology, these so called ideologues of the extremist leftism promoted discord against the civil society in the name of social justice, against the constitutionally and democratically established Government. They did not spare common people, government servants and police personnel discharging their official duties and serving the people and indulged in all sorts of violence, included cold-blooded murders in the name of social justice. If they had social justice as the core value of their ideology they should have joined the Government forces to promote development in backward regions and help uplift the backward people. But they did not want to be partners of this process of development upliftment of the deprived.

Instead,all their activities were designed to overthrow the democratically and constitutionally established Government, having the mandate of the people of the entire country. They did not want to join the mainstream political process and be part of the democratic polity that has been assiduously nurtured by the people of this country. In fact they opposed the system in a most violent manner which threatened the stability and security of the nation. They misused the freedom of speech and expression to propagate their anti-government ideology, which is dead for all practical purposes all over the world, including their source of inspiration, China, and the now defunct Soviet Russia, in violent manner.

Having held sway on gullible minds of the innocent and illiterate tribals in the hinterland, of course with brutality and forcibly, they turned to the urban poor, urban slums and even impressionable college youths to spread their vicious tentacles. Their dubious role in causing disturbances in the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi or for that matter in the Bhima-Koregaon violence can hardly be overlooked. Earlier also the security people were able to pin down Saibaba, another of their ideologues. With the arrest of these top echelons of the Naxal movement the security forces of the country have achieved a major breakthrough. Now it is necessary that the cases against them are made fool-proof and silence the critics of the action.