1842 Kranti Mahasammelan at Dadda Parisar on Sept 2

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Aug 2018 11:08:49



The Mahasammelan aims to pay respects to great warriors and introduce youngsters to the martyrs. The event will be held at Dadda Parisar, Madan Mahal from 12 noon to 3 pm

Staff Reporter

“First war of freedom was started under leadership of Raja Hirdeshshah Lodhi in Mahakoshal and Bundelkhand regions in 1842. People from Gond, Rajgond, Lodhi, Kurmy, Rajput and Muslim communities equally participated in the revolt against Britishers which was longest war of freedom continued till 1845.

More than 7 lakh persons sacrificed their lives during the war but it is a disappointing fact that name of these warriors could not be registered in history of war of freedom due to uncertain reasons.

In order to pay respects to great warriors and introduce youngsters to the martyrs, ‘1842 Kranti Mahasammelan’ will be organised at Dadda Parisar, Madan Mahal, on September 2 from 12 noon to 3 pm,” informed Vaibhav Singh Lodhi, Convenor of Kranti Mahasammelan, while addressing a press conference, on Thursday. The Mahasammelan will be organised under banner of All India 1832 Revolution Research and Publicity Committee.

Vaidhav Singh added that Raja Hirdeshshah Lodhi was king of Hirapur and known as ‘Narmada Tiger’ who always registered their protest against British administration and started war of freedom in 1842. His influence increased in entire Mahakoshal and Bundelkhand regions and he along with a large number of freedom fighters succeeded in capturing Narsinghpur, Sagar and Jabalpur. British administration was helpless with revolt and declared him revolutionary and declared cash reward of Rs 19,000 on him. He also got support of 12,000 people of Bundela Rajput community along with weapons and ammunition. He had captured banks of river Hiren and Narmada and possessed all the boats.

On the other hand, British administration strengthened its armed forces with additional deployments but several times faced defeat against Raja Hirdeshshah in Damoh, Chunargarh and other areas.

During these wars, Raja Hirdeshshah Lodhi was accompanied by Raja Jorawar Singh Lodhi, Kishore Singh Lodhi (Hindoria-Damoh), Diwan Bahadur Singh (Abhana-Damoh), Raja Parikshit (Jaitpur-Simaria), Raja Jalim Singh Gond (Fatehpur-Hoshangabad), Raja Arjun Singh Rajput and his son Laxman Singh (Shahgarh-Sagar), Talukedar Dhillon Shah Gond (Madanpur-Narsinghpur), Raja Narvar Singh Gond (Dhilawar-Narsinghpur), Pahalwan Singh (Jaitpur), Raja Bhoj Singh (Maihar), Fazal Mohammed Khan and his brother Adil Mohammed Khan (Garhi Ambapani-Bhopal), Raja Bhoj Singh Gond (Mangarh-Damoh), Thakur Hindupat (Katra Belkhera-Jabalpur), Thakur Chet Singh (Matanpur Belkhera-Jabalpur), Jagirdar Ravbakhat Singh (Chirgaon-Jhansi), Raja Bundela Rajput and his son Anug Ganesh Ju (Narhat-Lalitpur), Raja Balwant Singh (Pusre), Rao Aman Singh (Chaurai-Damoh) and Raja Shivbhanu Singh (Belehari).

During the Mahasammelan, community persons and subject experts will share information pertaining to first war of freedom and contribution.

During the press conference, J R Uikay, retired Additional SP, Shailendra Singh, President of Rajput Samaj, Rajesh Kurmy, Farmer, Ramakant Singraul, President, Lodhi Samaj, Mukesh Sulakhe, President, Lodhi Samaj, K S Thakur, retired DSP, Vinod Shrivastava, retired DSP and Mohammed Adil Quresi, retired Inspector.