Special treatment for Wild Buffalo at Jungle Safari

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Aug 2018 11:43:08




Staff Reporter


Ashadeep, the cloned wild buffalo, has been kept under special care at the Jungle Safari, Raipur. Ashadeep is the first cloned wild buffalo born in Haryana in 2014. Currently, there is only one female wild buffalo Asha, which is the reason why the officials are finding it difficult to rejuvenate the population.

Forest officials brought Ashadeep from Haryana under the care of Wildlife Trust of India and special arrangements have been made at the Jungle Safari to replicate the ambience of Haryana.

She was taken care of like a domestic animal in Haryana. But, there is a vast difference between the climates of both the states. Chhattisgarh is a humid place whereas Haryana is relatively dry.

Such change in environment may cause complexity. Hence, officials are taking diligent precaution to fend off any adverse effect on the health of Ashadeep.

She has been subjected to constant medical care and provided with specially prepared fodder. Even as the Ashadeep is acclimatizing to Chhattisgarh’s climate, Forest officials are preparing to import two male buffaloes in Jungle Safari from Haryana.

These buffaloes will be kept in separate facilities. Forest Department spent Rs 1.10 crores on cloning at the Haryana’s National Dairy Institute Karnal under the watch of Wildlife Institute of India.