Success is spending your life your own way

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Aug 2018 11:06:45



A diary is like a personal album made up of word pictures. Writing in it and looking back over what you have written can be very useful. A diary shows where you have been physically and who you were emotionally and psychologically. It shows you in a different outfit and way of thinking. A diary shows what has already happened in your past life. It is a look back at your personal history and it is a look word in time at the personal story you are going to create. No one achieves success in a vacuum. You have to associate yourself with individuals who share your values and goals.

The first entry in your dairy shows what you are and the final entry shows your mentors and role models. The only hard and fast requirement is that the lives and accomplishments of your role model should inspire you to do your very best. To achieve something in life, you have to be a trail-blazer and pathfinder. You have to leave the comfort zone and confront an unknown wilderness. You open new possibilities, new territories, new continents others can follow. For example, while I was in the police, I made a chart showing how to deal with violence and the steps and stages you have to adopt to come out of it in a satisfactory and acceptable model.

The training institutions adopted this chart because they found that one need not jump into a crisis unprepared. There are steps and solutions to deal with crisis and come out of them learning lessons for future use! Phillips Brooks, an author says: “Someday in the years to come, you will be wrestling with the great temptation or trembling under sorrow because something unexpected happened. But the real struggle is here and now. It is being decided whether in the day of your setback, you shall miserably fail or gloriously conquer. Character cannot be made except by a steady long continued process.

There is gap or a space between stimulus and response. The key to both are growth and happiness, depending on how we use that space.” We all perhaps try to create a cultured mind. A cultured mind is a value filled mind and generates power. It is like the turbine that generates electricity. Mere wiring is not enough because current has to pass. Life is a beautiful thing as long as we hold the string. I would be a silly fellow if I should ever let it go, but stand up for yourself and prove that you have done something for others to remember.

A certain Eskimo was taken on a polar expedition and as a reward he was taken to New York city for a visit. He saw miracles of light, sound. Architecture, illumination, street cars, automobiles and all the qualities of a Metropolis. He went back to his people and told them the real stories. They gave a cold shoulder and walked away. They said that he is a liar and without these things he described what a nice place the world would be! My mentor used to say: “Take an inventory of yourself. What hidden qualities and sleeping talents are within; just awaken the sleeping forces and claim what is rightly yours.

A good Encyclopedia contains most of the known facts of the world. But they are useless as sand dunes until organized and expressed in terms of action. Understand that no two human beings are alike and they may not have the same viewpoints. To develop a well rounded personality, appropriate the contents and experiences and use them. Ask questions to yourself and answer them and then you will know yourself better.” There is a recipe for success in life “Reflect light where it is dark. Cultivate a hobby like reading, writing, painting or even listening. Change your attitude whenever necessary and don’t stick to one opinion permanently. Pay the price because there is nothing free in this world. There is something you can do better than others. Find out what it is and develop it. Have a definite aim and purpose in life and persevere to fulfill it. Have a sense of humour and let it reflect on the face. Have a belief and faith. Healthy self concept is the core of your personality. Take an inventory of yourself. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. There is no score board in the race of life. By empowering others, you don’t decrease your power.

One should not change old values for mere fun. Man attains completion only when culture is added. Lastly, man is designed for accomplishment engineered for success and endowed with seeds of greatness. In the hotel, you eat and pay but in real life you pay and then eat. The real price of living is giving.