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By dr s b kishor & dr rajani d singh,


In an online poll in 2016, poll answered by thousands of Nature readers suggests, almost two-thirds of readers say they have considered quitting research due to various reason like funding, family, unable to find proper direction and solution, due to long period and more time spending on work etc. And due to this Kendall Powell said once that “There are an incredible number of talented brilliant individuals who have and will continue to bypass a research career for a more desirable alternative.” So one can conclude that getting the complete research work is not as easy which is generally consider by society as one need to spend a lot of efforts, dedication and hours of life. Elenor Roosevelt rightly said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.


Criteria for submitting Ph.D. Thesis: A research scholar who satisfied the following criteria are eligible to submit thesis,

l From the date of Ph.D. Registration, a research scholar had completed the min. 2 years (In exceptional cases after completion of 18 months) but before the completion of 5 years.

l Published min. 2 research papers in Reputed Peer and Index Journal/in UGC recognised Journals

l Has presented Pre-PhD. Viva

l In some University, a patent of work is mandatory.

During Thesis Writing:
Start writing the final thesis in accordance with the format specified by University.
Best practice is to simply narrate the sentences in your own words and if required to keep contents as it is from source then do not forget to put references and to cite the reference proper format (Like MLA, APA, IEEE etc).
After you finalise thesis, proofreading is the major step before submitting your thesis. It will give you scope of improvements and helps you to focus and recognise mistakes if any. Proofreading section is important as it include the spelling correction, content formatting, giving numbering to tables and figures, page numbering, adding certificates, attaching journal publication and Appendix etc.

Research scholar must check the work for the plagiarism which may eliminates the risk of copy from other source by mistakenly without having proper citation.
After Plagiarism checking and proofreading, your thesis is in the best form to submit to soft copy of work to supervisor and/or University for onward process for checking plagiarism by University.

Once the final work is approved by Supervisor, research scholar must starting the working of printing. Afterward, student must signed on Declaration and must get Thesis signed by the Supervisor and Head of the Department of Research.

Documents to be Attached:
Some of the checklists are given below while submitting the final thesis copy, make sure without adding all such documents your thesis may not be accepted at first instance.

At the time of submission, one must write an Application to the Registrar, Ph.D. (Cell) regarding the submission of Thesis. This letter must include the enclosure list in the following order,

l Ph.D. Entrance Certificate: A certificate that student received after clearing the Ph.D. Entrance.

l Registration Letter: Student must attach Registration Letter of the University, which ensure your topic registration is matched with the Thesis Copy and Clerk also checks the date, to accept or reject the thesis due overdate.

l Receipt of Registration Fees: A copy of fees receipt that has been paid at the time of registration must also attach.

l Master Degree Marksheet & Degree: Student must also attach their Degree and Master’s Degree photocopy along with the Final Thesis.

l Verification Documents of Marksheet and Degree: Student must also attach Degree and Master Degree Document verification certificate.

l Progress Reports: Student must submit all copies of 6 monthly Progress Report which he/she submitted time to time to the University.

l Retention Fees Slips: Along with the Progress Report student must attach the Retention Fees/Progress Report Fees slips photo copy.

l Course Works Completion Certificates: Ph.D. guidelines of different universities vary and according to that guidelines student must complete some of the course work which is helpful for their Research. Such Course Works Completion Certificates photocopy must be enclosed.

l Pre-Ph.D Viva Presentation Certificate: Most of the universities make it compulsory to present research work before finalising it. In order to suggest any modification if any. After pre-submission presentation research centre issues the certificate regarding the presentation. That letter must be enclosed.

l Clearance/No Due Certificate from Research Lab: If the research work is practical based or if research work need some technical tools then student need to enrol for the research lab and have to pay the Lab fees. While Final Thesis Submission clearance certificate must be attached.

l Clearance Certificate from University Library: Student must attach the original copy of no due certificate which they got from University Library.

l Paper Publications: According to the University guideline research student must publish or present certain number of research papers. All this papers photo copy must be enclose.

l Number of Copies: Student must submit 07 copies of Thesis (This number may vary from University to University)

l CD/Softcopy of your Thesis: Student must submit their Thesis work in softcopies in the form of CD’s and must attaché it in the Thesis hardbound copy.

l Ph.D. Thesis Submission Fees: Ph.D. Thesis submission fees must be paid while Dissertation Submission.
Apart from above in some of the universities one also needs to submit following documents,

l Plagiarism Report issued by Ph.D. Cell: Before the submission of thesis student give his work in soft copy (usually in CD) to university to check the plagiarism if any. Accordingly University issues the certificate.

l Summary of Copy in English: Those research scholars who has written their thesis in regional languages (Like Marathi, Telegu etc) need to give the summary of entire thesis in English. This will help the Examiner who is from different state to evaluate the research scholar work. Usually students need to submit 5 copies of Summary in English.

l Aadhar Card: A research scholars need to provide the copy of aadhar card.

l Exemption Documents: If research scholar have got certain exemption on the basic of qualification (M.Phil/NET/SET) or other then you need to include that document too. For example, if you have done M.Phil, you get exception in Course work in some of the university. In this case, you need to attach M.Phil. Degree.
l Marks Memo of Ph.D. Course Work Examination: In some university, a examination is conducted after Course work and need to clear it. Afterwards scholar get the marks memo. A copy of this must be attach.

l Clearance Certificate from Funding Agency: If scholar is sponsored or getting some fund from agency then he/she must submit no objection certificate from such sponsored or funding authority regarding submission of thesis.
In the general aspect ‘Research is nothing but to find something new or to elaborate conclusion from the existing work by giving our own perspective.’ So after lot of pain staking, researcher is able to conclude his work. In the words of Walt Disney, “Only those will succeeds who have courage to pursue their dream”. The basic aim of this article is to help the research scholar to know what he has do once his work is complete.

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