What is Success

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Aug 2018 11:11:35

Aspiring for success,

Is one of the most miserable way of living life,
if we really want to be
Successful we need to enhance our perception,to see the things as they really are without any distortion.

Success for us is just an idea,
Which breeds on other people lucrative influences,
Achieving higher and higher,still the same.
Success is neither American nor European, it is the pride which we earn and
Not imitate.

When we know more then we say, we are successful,
When we think more then we speak we are successful,
When we observe more then we know
We are successful,
When we don’t easily jump to conclusions,
Then we are successful.

When we make ourselves a solution and not a problem,we are successful.

And Then we are,
Walking,leading and making life a
massive success!















Laveena keswani
MA, English,
Hislop College.