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By sapna vyas

If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely add more definition to your cheeks and jawline. You might feel uneasy when taking pictures, thinking that the camera might add extra pounds to your face. But you need not worry! I can help you reduce face fat and achieve a chiselled jawline naturally, without having to go under the knife.

I have lost 33 kg in one year through lifestyle modification. In the above before/now picture, you can see the change in my chubby cheeks and face fat. I can help you do the same. I can’t guarantee if you will get the cheekbones structure of Angelina Jolie or the jawline definition of Johny Depp. But I can promise you is that if you follow my guidelines, you will definitely add more definition to your cheeks and jawline.

What causes chubby cheeks?

The common causes are:Being overweight.Lacking the necessary nutrients in your body.High consumption of salt, sugar and carbs.Water retention resulting from a bad choice of diet and constant dehydrationSleeplessness and high-stress levels.

Genetic factors.

The truth about spot fat reductionCan we reduce fat from specific body areas? The answer is no! “Spot-Fat Reduction” is not a real thing. If you perform face exercises that target face muscles, it will help you strengthen face muscles but won’t really help you reduce fat from face. The reason is — muscle tissues and fat tissues are entirely different. You can build specific muscle with “spot training” but you can’t burn the fat that is stored on top of it.

In reality, there is no such thing as spot fat reduction. You will never attain a flat stomach just by performing abdominal exercises. Sit-ups, for example, will definitely strengthen your abdominal muscles, but sit-ups alone will not get rid of the layer of fat that is covering the muscles. Muscles cannot regulate the fat deposits surrounding them. You can do sit-ups to strengthen your abdominal muscles, but they cannot eliminate the fat stored in that region.

How to reduce face fat

The only way to lose face fat specifically is — Drop overall body fat percentage. Be it face fat, belly fat, arm fat or leg fat, a caloric deficit is the number one requirement to burn fat. When you want to reduce fat (from face or any other body part), you need to reduce the overall body fat percentage by creating a calorie deficit. For example, if your energy input is 2,000 calories and energy output is 2,500 calories a day, calorie deficit is 500 calories.
The balance between energy intake and energy output influences energy stores such as body fat and lean body mass. When an individual finds his or herself in a state of positive energy balance, the intake of energy exceeds the amount expended. A positive energy balance results in weight gain.

On the other hand, a negative energy balance reflects a state in which the number of calories expended is greater than what is taken in. A negative energy balance results in weight loss. Finding a balance between energy intake and energy output is the cornerstone of dropping body fat percentage. This can be achieved through proper nutrition, regular exercise and overall lifestyle change.

How to drop body fat per cent

Losing fat and keeping it off can only be achieved by adopting new exercise and good nutritional habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. By replacing bad habits with good habits and not trying to overcome the bad habits by going “cold turkey” will yield the most desirable results.

To reach an appropriate level of body fat, you need to encompass principles of nutrition, exercise program and behaviour modification to promote lifestyle change. It is a lifestyle modification that can help you reach appropriate levels of body fat and lean mass.

Follow these guidelines

Limit alcohol. It tends to dehydrate your body, making your face look bloated.
Drink plenty of water. When you’re dehydrated, your face starts appearing bloated due to water retention.
Keep a check on your salt intake. The sodium leads to an appearance of a bloated face due to water retention.
Gradually replace unhealthy fats and carbs with good ones.

Eat protein at every major meal.
Stagger calories (three lower-calorie days followed by two balance-calorie days).
Eat four-five cups of fruits and vegetables each day.
Eat whole grains instead of refined.
Switch to fat-free or low-fat dairy. Cut out junk foods.
Cut out high sugar drinks and foods.
Weight train all muscle groups using eight-12 repetitions. Train aerobically with one moderate-intensity session and four HIIT sessions per week. Get at least eight hours of sleep.

Quick solution
Try out a different hairstyle to suit your face cut. The right hairstyle for a round face makes it look lean and long.
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