Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2018 12:04:59











THAT 24 girls had to be rescued from a shelter home in Deoria in Uttar Pradesh is, to say the least, horrendous and shameful for the Indian society. These helpless girls had to be rescued from an NGO’s clutches as it indulged in exploitation of those girls. Similar incidents have come to light from Bihar as well. Union Women and Child Development Minister Mrs. Maneka Gandhi has the apprehension that there could be many more cases of such nature all over the country and expressed the need to investigate all the NGOs who run shelter homes. These NGOs and the shelter homes they run for the hapless and helpless destitute children have become the dens of exploitation and corruption. They are run on the public exchequer’s money and therefore should be made accountable. Mrs. Maneka Gandhi has made various suggestions to change the fate of the destitute children. She has suggested setting up of apex state-level single, large facility in each state with initial funding from the Union Government for a coordinated rehabilitation programme.


DISPOSAL and management of waste generated in households is a critical issue that has been conveniently dumped at the door of the civic agencies by the people. The problem has taken alarming proportions with tonnes of solid waste being generated every day and no proper plan in place for its management. The astounding figure of 3600 tonnes of waste being generated every day in South Delhi alone is ready reckoner to a grim scenario the country is staring at if ways are not found for disposal of garbage by all the stakeholders. It is not the duty of the municipal agencies alone to take care of this issue. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, segregation of solid waste has to begin at household levels. Unfortunately, people shirk away from this basic responsibility feigning ignorance. It is the primary job of the householder to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to save their cities from choking on garbage. People refusing to do this elementary job must face harsh penalties, as suggested by the apex court.