stern message

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2018 12:01:48

THE gunning down of 15 Maoists on Monday in the jungles of Sukma in the Naxal hot bed of Bastar sends out a clear message to the left extremists that the forces were ready and well prepared to eliminate the menace and restore peace in the affected area. A few months ago Gadchiroli police in Maharashtra had achieved a major success in accounting for nearly 40 hardcore Naxalites. That was a clear indication that the security forces were well geared to end the problem of Naxalism that has been posing a serious threat to the nation’s internal security. There is no denying that well coordinated efforts towards that end are yielding results, not only in Chhattisgarh, one of the most badly affected regions in the country by Naxal violence, but also in many parts of the country which prompted the Central Government to legitimately claim that 40 pc of affected regions have been rid of the problem in the last couple of years. 

At the beginning of this month, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh had made a fervent appeal to the extremist elements to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream in larger national interest or otherwise be prepared to be eliminated by security forces. Dr. Raman Singh had exuded the confidence that, due to the resolute and well coordinated action by various security forces engaged in the mission, the State was heading towards finishing the menace of Naxalism. And Monday’s successful mission probably holds proof of that assertion, of that confidence in the ability of the forces to achieve the goal of ridding the State of the extremist problem.

Monday’s operation is a pointer to the importance of intelligence gathering in taking on an adversary that is well-entrenched in the area, has highly motivated cadres, has gained sophistication in jungle warfare and is armed and well stocked with high quality weapons and ammunition and holds complete sway over the rugged region as well as its population, albeit under duress. In the past, it was the Naxalites who used to be one step ahead of the police forces because they were able to gather intelligence about the movement of the Government forces and would booby-trap them, rendering them sitting ducks. In these attacks several jawans had lost their lives, not because they had no capacity to fight the enemy but because they were caught unawares by the hidden enemy.
The repeated success of the security forces in the recent past shows that things have started changing for the better and the forces are gaining ascendency in the affected areas with better intelligence gathering. That the CRPF took upon itself the task of building an important link road in Chhattisgarh shows the confidence that the forces have gained. That will also rub on the people of the region as well. Such initiatives by the forces would help restore the faith and confidence of the people in the forces’ ability to restore normalcy in their area. The large scale surrender of Naxal cadres in recent past bears testimony to this.

Indeed it is the outcome of well-planned efforts of the security leaders on the ground who are leading from the front and spearheading the campaign. This is the outcome of specialised training to the forces and the increasing disillusionment of the Naxal violence-affected people of the regions. That is precisely why Dr. Raman Singh could speak with so much assurance about the forces’ ability to finish the Naxal menace.

While the affected states were fighting the menace on their own limited resources in the past, the difference to the situation began to be made with the support of the Central Government. The Central Government realised that the Maoist menace was posing a serious threat to the nation’s internal security and hence the states needed to be supported with all necessary back-up.