NMC to model new contract for city cleanliness after Indore

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Sep 2018 10:53:52


Staff Reporter,

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will model its new contract for appointment of an agency for collection and processing of garbage in city, on the lines of one adopted by Indore. Standing Committee of NMC took the decision in this regard in its meeting held on Friday.

Last week, the members of NMC Standing Committee led by Virendra Kukreja, Chairman, had paid a visit to Indore city to study the operations relating to maintenance of cleanliness, collection of garbage, processing and end-to-end solutions. NMC has given contract for door-to-door collection of garbage and transportation to the dumping yard in Bhandewadi to M/s Kanak Resources Management Limited (KRML). As the contract will come to an end on February 15, 2019, NMC is planning to appoint a new agency. Considering that the expenses on the contract for the period from July 2017 to June 2018 was Rs 58,48,46,030, NMC has planned to float tender involving annual expenses of Rs 65 crore.

For preparation of new tender document after studying the best practices in the country, offering explanations in this regard in pre-bid meeting, conducting tender process, and signing the agreement, NMC has decided to appoint a consultant. Accordingly, a proposal came up for Standing Committee’s nod on Friday. As per the proposal, appointment of M/s R Jagtap and Associated, Nagpur, which is on the panel of NMC, as consultant for the said work got the nod of Standing Committee.

“We have cleared the proposal. In the light of our recent visit to Indore, we have asked the said agency to study the model adopted in Indore and prepare our new tender document accordingly,” Kukreja told reporters. The Chairman of Standing Committee told the reporters about his Indore visit. He said that the corporators from Nagpur had learnt a lot during the visit. The collection vehicles there had two compartments -- one for wet waste and another for dry waste. Also, a tin canister was attached to the vehicle to collect hazardous waste including sanitary napkins, hospital waste etc. There were total 500 vehicles to collect garbage, and 85 pick-up trucks one for each ward to collect waste that was bigger in size like wooden waste etc.

According to Kukreja, the work of garbage collection in Indore was being done in three shifts distributed over 24 hours, and 7,000 sanitation workers were on job. Also, Indore had two compactors for compacting wet and dry waste separately. Later, the compacts were processed into fertilizer that was sold to farmers. Though Indore local body was carrying out the work for now, it had roped in an NGO to monitor the movements and work of 500 collection vehicles, he said. “Definitely we have learnt a lot. After study, we may implement various initiatives including deriving methane gas from processing of wet garbage collected from vegetable markets, in Nagpur too,” he added.