Spotted deer rescued from stray dogs by villagers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Sep 2018 10:17:12



Our Correspondent


Thanks to the compassion displayed by residetns of at village Cheerappatpar-Sehja under Jamudi beat compartment number RF 380 forest range on Shahdol-Amarkantak route, a spotted deer targetted by stray dogs was saved. The male spotted deer ventured in the populated area adjoining the agriculture field in search of water and was located by a farmer who sought assistance from fellow villagers to save its life after it was attacked by stray dogs.

The rescued animal was given food and was later handed over to Forest Department. The spotted deer is around 3 year old.It is informed that villagers at village Cheerappatpar-Sehja under Jamudi beet forest range were shocked to find a spotted deer being chased by stray dogs. Acting promptly villagers swung into action and managed to shoo away the dogs who had surrounded the animal. The Forest Department was contacted and staffers reached the spot. They examined the animal and found him extremely nervous after being attacked by stray dogs.

Meanwhile Seetaram Bharadwaj, resident of Anuppur, took the animal to forest range office in his jeep. The Forest Department took the animal to Veterinary Hospital for treatment. The spotted deer responded positively to injuries sustained in stray dog attack. After the animal recovered completely, it was taken to forest area and released. The efforts initiated by A K Nigam, Range Officer, R Rao Assistant Range Officer, Shashidhar Agrawal, Niranjan SIngh Portey, Narmada Prasad Patel, Rajneesh Patel and others were valuable.