‘Scaring’ conviction

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2018 14:47:38


A CTRESS Niyati Fatnani, who plays the lead role of Pia on Star Plus’ show Nazar, is not just hardworking, but also totally dedicated towards her role. In the supernatural show, Niyati plays a daivik and has received much praise for her acting.In converation with the Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey star. Excerpts: Tell us something about Nazar and your character? Nazarunfolds thetaleof supernatural being’s dark energies that are said to surround the Rathore family since generations and how eventually she affects their lives.

It talks about the notions that are deeply entrenched in our psyches – negative energy andtheirEvilEye orBuriNazar. I am playing the character of ‘Pia’. She is a young girl who is different from the city kids. Her ways are simple, polite and has a very direct approach to situations. Being from a small place, she hasn’t been exposed to a lot of things, but her moral compass neverfalters. She has vivid memories of her mother and in order to find her she sets to the bustling city of Mumbai.


What preparation did you undergo to get into the skin of your character? I amadirector’s actor.Ido asIhave been asked to. I read the narration and scripts several times as it helps in building character traits and aids me in performing with minimum or no retakes.Ialso draw inspiration from such amazing actors that I am surrounded with. What made you say yes for the role? The show’s concept is very intriguing and since I have never been a part of a supernatural genreIwanted to do it. The role is different from the ones I have played on television and the story line is unique and set in modern India. The excitement of being a part ofashow like Nazar made me say yes to the role. Your experience on shooting for Nazar? It’s been an incredible journey.Ihave loved every bit of it.I have developed great respect form ydirector andtechnicians because they work twice as much as we do. The shot taking is just amazing and flawless.

Apart from this, I love my co-actors, we are all like a one big family and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for Nazar. Doyou believe in supernaturalenergies?Haveyou ever experienced anything? I am doubtful about it since I have heard so many incidents supernaturalincidents, sometimes itputsmethinking about its existence.Ihaven’t ever experienced anything supernatural so I cannot fully deny their presence.What are your future plans? Future is yet to come, so I will keep the surprise to myself. The audience will soon come to know about my upcoming projects. Currently I am focused on Nazar and can’t wait for people to know more. For more tune into Nazar, Monday to Friday, at 11pm only on Star Plus.