Give technical assistance to improve efficiency: COSIA to MSSIDC

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2018 11:19:14


Business Bureau,

A delegation of Chamber of Small Industries Association (COSIA), Vidarbha Chapter under the leadership of its Chairman Mayank Shukla recently met Sandip Joshi the newly appointed Chairman of Maharashtra State Small Industries Development Corporations (MSSIDC). Shukla and other members Sunil Jejani and Hemant Ambasalkar congratulated Joshi on being appointed as Chairman of MSSIDC. They also felicitated him by presenting a bouquet.
On the occasion, Shukla said, “Under your leadership MSSIDC can get back its past glory and live upto the expectations of MSMEs. Your rich experience, sincerity and responsibility will certainly play an important role in development of MSME sector”, adding that the MSSIDC should give technical assistance for improving efficiency of the MSMEs. Sunil Jejani said, “COSIA and MSSIDC have a common objective of developing industries in MSME sector. Both the organisations can work together for this common goal”.


Ambasalkar submitted a representation which included a list of issues and suggestions which should be considered and implemented by MSSIDC in order to give a boost to MSME sector.

Shukla requested MSSIDC to play a bigger role in marketing products of MSMEs. Government has made it mandatory for PSUs to procure minimum 20 per cent of their purchase requirement for mega projects from the MSMEs. Thus MSSIDC can play a major role in putting this into practice and making it compulsory.

Further, the commission chargeable from MSME units should be reduced to make them compete in the open market. There should be separate price bid in tender for MSME sector with a price preference escalation of 15 per cent compared to other sectors.
The delegation also suggested that MSSIDC should assist MSMEs in procuring raw material like coal, steel, zinc, aluminium, copper etc., from the source of origin. This would enable MSMEs to procure raw material at lower cost and without depending on the open market.

Also, the industry delegation suggested that the MSMEs should be provided exemption on payment of royalty on minerals. “MSME units consuming minerals procured from local agencies should be exempted from royalty payment to the mine owners. This will encourage the local mining activity and make the MSME sector more competent,” Shukla added. With latest technology MSMEs will be able to improve their quality, processes, and develop new products to make them more competitive.

Chamber of Small Industries Association also suggested that the units which are engaged in manufacturing and consumer local resources like, power, minerals, agro products and skilled manpower should be encouraged by giving awards, recognitions, and special incentives.
Similarly, MSMEs should be provided financial assistance at subsidised interest rates to improve the cash flow. This will make them prompt revenue payers. Frequently interactive meetings with representatives of MSMEs will help resolve some of the issues being faced by MSMEs, Shukla pointed out.

Joshi listened to the issues and the suggestions and assured the delegation that he would look into the matter and hold a meeting soon. He promised to give full support to MSME sector.