‘Bharat Bandh’ gets near good response in State

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 11:41:07



Staff Reporter


The Bandh call given by the principle Opposition party, Congress, against the sky rocketing prices of petrol and diesel received good response in the state as most of the business establishments in the state remained closed though, banks and other government offices functioned normal. The Bandh call was also supported by Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce &Industry (CCCI) and this has widely affected the business in the state on Monday.

The increasing fuel prices have been looked up with concern by the people and it has stirred inflation, stated a Congress leader while reacting on the ‘Bharat bandh’ and the rising fuel prices. Though in the morning, fuel stations were opened along with a few other business establishments but as the day progressed, Congress leaders who had come to the streets to make the bandh successful forced owners to close the shops. The closure of shops, fuel stations paralyzed normal life. However, the bandh had not affected public transport and it was functioning normal.

In Raipur, senior Congress leaders including CPCC President Bhupesh Baghel riding on horses and bullock carts on the roads appealed the business establishments including small vendors to close down their shops and support the bandh. Many of the schools also did not function as the parents apprehending untoward situation did not send their wards to the schools thus schools also looked deserted as an aftermath of the bandh. The fuel stations in Raipur, multiplexes, malls opened in the evening due to the bandh call. Auto-rickshaws and buses plying on the road were stopped at various places by the Congress workers and police had to intervene so that the situation does not go out of control.

Later, almost all autos and buses stopped plying putting commuters at great inconvenience. In Pandari bus stand, people who had come from places and going to their destinations suffered as no buses were plying. Congress had kept Milk parlours and medical shops out of the purview of bandh. P L Punia Chhattisgarh Congress Incharge and General Secretary said that the bandh call received wide support from the people. The Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce, business community, several social, cultural and political associations, private school- college, auto and bus associations had extended their support to the ‘Bharat Bandh’. He said that people are suffering because of the fueling prices of petrol and diesel which has triggered inflation and they need relief which this government is not providing.The general secretary incharge said that the bandh was a total success in all over the country and people came voluntarily in support of the bandh.

At many places the Congress leaders had altercation with the businessmen as they were compelling them to close their shops. In one such incident in Raipur, a jewellery shop proprietor had to bear the brunt of the Congress leaders as he kept his shop opened despite appeal made by the Congress leaders. Finally the Congress leaders had to close the shutters themselves leaving the shop owner fuming. The bandh call received good response and was largely peaceful in the state with reports of just few altercations between the Congress workers and those opposing the bandh.

Meanwhile the former president and present patron as well as BJP MLA from Raipur North Shrichand Sundrani said that the bandh call given by the Congress was a failure in Raipur. “The effort of Congress Party for ‘Bharat Bandh’ has failed miserably in Raipur and across the state on Monday”, said Sundrani.

He added that Chamber’s trading community has nothing to do with the nationwide bandh. The CCCI has extended moral support to the bandh on rising petrol and diesel prices, and businessmen have shut down their establishment in fear of damage and to avoid hooliganism. He clarified that the shops are not closed in support of the Congress called ‘Bharat bandh’. He came up with this statement after criticism that the Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has supported the bandh call given by the Congress while he is the patron of the association.