Alum Ganesha idols catching attention of people

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 10:40:27



By Ankita Garg

It is from over the years that immersion of idols made from Plaster of Paris and adorned with synthetic colours has been raising the hackles of environmentalists as according to them such idols on immersion increases the pollution level of rivers and lakes and makes water unsafe for drinking.

To tackle this burning issue, handful artists of Bhopal have come up with an unique concept.They have started to make Ganesha idols with the help of alum stone. Such kinds of idols are not only environmental friendly but also on immersion, they do not pollute water bodies rather they acts as water purifier as alum is considered as best water purifier.

Artisans making such kinds of idols are swarmed by the orders. “Alum is very good water purifier. The idols made from alum serves two purpose. First it provides an option of eco-friendly idol and secondly, such idol clean water after being immersed in river, pond etc. We are also conducting workshop for housewives in several residential colonies to train them how to make Ganesha idol through alum,” said a well-known artist Sushma.

Sushma said other an eco-friendly idol made of clay, leaves, card, paper, rice, flower, flour, etc are also being sold in market but idols of alum are best to serve the environment purpose as they are not harmful to water bodies.

Talking about intricacies involved in making of idols from alum, Sushma says “Normally, it takes at least a week to make idol from alum stone which is made of several layers. It is really a work of great concentration as even a single wrong step can destroy the entire alum stone”.

Another city-based artist Vidushi Jain said, “Alum based idols fulfills our two purpose together one to worship the God and second to fight the pollution level of city in best way. But making idol from alum is not an easy work as it consumes lot of time.”

She further said this year large number of people ordered for idols made from alum. Even she received advance orders for Durga idols as well.

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ Vidushi also spoke on growing interest of people for idols made from alum. “Last year, I got only ten orders to make idols from alum. But this time, I have received at least 1,000 orders,” she told. She added that even many people ordered for Durga idols made from alum in advance which is very good sign. Shedding light on growing popularity of idols of alum, she informed that it was almost eight months back that she started to get orders from people that they want idols of Ganesha and goddess Durga. Talking about the size and weight of idol, Vidushi said, it depends upon the size of alum stone. She said organic colours are being used to decorate the idol made from alum.