COB-1 to further bolster BSPs environment friendly working

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 11:17:28



Staff Reporter


After successful completion of cold repair of Bhilai Steel Plant’s Coke Oven Battery-1, that saw replacement of full refractory heating wall, battery anchorage, oven top equipment and heating system components for augmenting battery operations and ensuring supply of required quantity of BF Coke to Blast Furnaces, the battery was charged on September 5 and commissioned on September 6, by M Ravi, CEO, Bhilai Steel Plant. It may be recalled that Coke Oven Battery-1 was cooled down for cold repairs on January 31, 2017.

The cold repairs of COB-1 were executed with an estimated cost of approximately Rs 38 crores. The repair period was utilised for connecting the Coke Conveyor belt KD-1 from Coke Sorting Plant-1 to Coke Sorting Plant-4 for augmenting the balance coke supply to BF-8 which is being presently done by coke transportation from the respective storage yards.

One major highlight of this successful cold repair is that COB-1 has been upgraded with better pollution control facilities like installation of online stack emission, SOx and NOx monitoring systems, replacement of Hydraulic Main, steam aspiration system for smokeless On Main charging and Door Frames of the ovens with refurbishment of oven doors.

Measures implemented to Control the Stack emissions from Battery-1 include dismantling &relining of all 66 heating walls (6270 tons of silica bricks & mortar), replacement of oven top fireclay bricks along with buttress walls(1760 tonns), replacement of checker bricks (1261 tonns), repair of all 268 regenerator chambers and all inclined flues and flue tunnel, replacement of Blast furnace & coke oven gas lines of heating system, Side dampers &main dampers to control draught in flue tunnel for proper regulation of heating and gas pressure controllers in Gas collecting main.

Measures implemented to maintain the health of the battery which in turn helps in controlling both Stack & fugitive emissions are complete replacement of battery anchorage system (Armour frames, Anchor columns, tie rods , springs etc) and heating system components (Waste heat boxes-268 No’s, reducers etc) and executing all jobs related to structures, Electrical & Instrumentation for smooth working.

Further measures implemented to monitor the emissions from Stack include Installation of online Particulate Emission Monitor (Opacity Monitor) and online SO2& NOX Monitors (Gaseous Monitors). Bhilai Steel Plant has thus further strengthened its production facilities with the commissioning of Battery#1 which shall cater to the balance BF Coke requirement of Blast Furnace-8 apart from the coke supplied by COB - 11.