Crater formed after heavy rains in Dhanpuri

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 10:54:20



Our Correspondent 


A crater has been created in the area after incessent rainfall of 36 hours. Fortunately no casualty has been reported but people residing nearby are aprpehensive as anyone can fall in the water-filled hole.

According to information, the crater wa developed in ward number 15 under Dhanpuri police station close to market which is a thickly-populated area. The crater has emerged behind the house of Ashish Gupta. Soon after the incident, police and officers from administration and colliery reached the spot to take stock of the situation. The affected area has been cordoned off and movement has been restricted for residents. A team of SECL reached the affected location to carry out repair work.

The region is vulnerable for craters due to mining activities in the coal producing region of Dhanpuri. On previous four occasions formation of such carters have been reported. Despite repeated requests, no efforts have been initiated by the colliery area management to provide respite to the fear stricken residents.

The land in the area has become largely shallow due to lack of attention from the colliery administration who after excavation of coal fail to fill the excavated area with some substitute. The hollow created below the earth then gradually gets converted into craters.

Post excavation of coal from the region, it has been found that the cavity formed is not adequately filled by the colliery management. Once it starts raining the porous nature of the soil causes rain water to flow inside the surface. The water gets seeped in the soil creating craters. Apparently the formation of crater takes place during every rainy season.

Residents have become highly apprehensive due to this problem. In case of continuous rainfall, the region witnesses formation of deep crevices and craters. A number of double-storied buildings have been constructed in the area and major mishap looms large in the near future.

On being informed, eminent citizens reached at the affected location and held talks with officers from municipality. It was decided in the meeting that the colliery management would be asked to provide adequate permanent remedy for this problem. A delegation from the area would discuss this issue at length with the Area General Manager and would apprise officials of growing fear among people. Sources informed that area falling under ward number 15 regularly faces this problem Beneath the surface under ward number 15, there has been excavation of coal over the years.

The colliery management had issued notice to people residing in the area to refrain from constructing homes. According to directives, construction of houses in the area has been strictly banned. However despite the warning given by the administration, no heed has been paid by residents who have not only made illegal encroachment but have also constructed multi-storied houses leading to this perilous situation.