Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 15:04:45


WE all have certain dreams, don’t we? Some have a dream to have their own flat or a home, some dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor. But are you living in that dream or you living for it? Many of us won’t understand the difference between the two. But those who understand they live for it.

It’s very simple but life is complicated. If a person dreams of becoming a doctor but due to financial conditions or family problems can’t, he starts doing part time job due to conditions. He just tries to earn and to fulfill parents’ dreams.

I think dreaming is the only way to live your life. It all depends on how far and big you can think of dreaming. It’s not necessary to become what our parents or what the society wants us to. We need to understand that we will become what we wish to. It’s just that we need to follow our heart.

I agree they won’t accept easily and will surely try to dominate us a bit, but they need to accept. It’s just you need to become and fulfill your dreams not the society. And in the end no one will support you except your parents. So become what you wish to but always keep a dream, a dream to become successful . And remember to live for the dream, because we try to live for the luxurious life while some dream to live the life we are living in. Keep dreaming!





Riya Ludhwani.