Fuel price squeezes earnings of daily wage earners

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 10:13:06



Business Bureau

Continuing its upwards journey, the fuel prices witnessed new peak on Monday adding to the woes of consumers cutting across the sections of the society. While common men are facing hardship because of high prices of fuel, the inflationary trend is also becoming intolerable for many daily wage earners like small retailers, hawkers and road side vendours.
Petrol price gained 23 paise to reach its all time high of Rs 88.60 per litre while price of diesel jumped by 23 paise to touch the Rs 77.84 per litre mark on Monday. Rates for Tuesday were not applicable by the time of going to the press.

The new prices of petrol and diesel are burning a deep hole in the pockets of almost all the daily wage earners who are paying sizable part of their earnings for buying fuel.

Ratnakar Jadhav, who sells vegetables, told The Hitavada that his earning has dipped because of the fuel prices. “In the current scenario, I am spending more than Rs 350 per day on diesel which is nearly 15 per cent more than what I used to spend earlier. This has impacted by earnings,” he said.

Jadhav visits various residential areas in the city to sell vegetables. This mode of conveyance is diesel-run auto rikshaw.

Swapnil Thorat, one of the delivery boys engaged in door-to-door delivery of eatables, said, “I cannot afford to spend so much on fuel. It is really becoming tough for me to manage my expense as I have been forced to spend nearly 40% of my monthly income on fuel,” saidSwapnil said that traffic jams and under construction roads have already inflated fuel consumption of his motor bike. “And now, it is the fuel price which is mounting financial burden on me,” he said adding that he does not see any immediate relief in this regard. Naresh Yadav, a carpenter, said visiting customer’s places has become very costly.
“I visit different parts of the city, especially in

the peripheral area where new building are coming up. I get fixed amount of Rs 500 per day and I have to bear the conveyance charges which has become too high,” he said.
Yadav said he has recently skipped three to four assignments only because they are located far away from his place.

“There is no point in going to long as the fuel prices are flying high. Moreover there are no proper public transport system one can relay upon,” he said.