One killed, over 250 injured in Gotmar Mela

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 08:42:40


Staff Reporter,


The Gotmar Mela organised every in Pandhurna town of Chhindwara district has left at least one youth dead and more than 250 people injured on Monday. Two seriously injured persons have been rushed to Nagpur for treatment. Sources told that every year, people of two villages, Sawargaon and Pandhurna, throng on either side of local Jaam river and try to recreate the centuries-old scene to attack each other with stones.

This the villagers have been doing for over the years and in this stone pelting fair, commonly known as ‘Gotmar Mela’, hundreds of people gets injured every year and some time, even lives are lost. Local administration finds itself helpless in stopping the stone pelters. On Monday also, people of both villagers gathered on either side of Jaam river and started pelting stones against each other.

A senior police officer of Chhindwara range told the ‘The Hitavada’ that more than 250 people were injured and two of them were critically injured. Both the critically injured have been rushed to Nagpur for treatment. Meanwhile, a young boy had been also found dead at the stone pelting site but it is not clear that how he died as there is no injury mark on his body.

“Whether he died due to heart attack or some other reason, it will be known only after his autopsy,” he told. The saying goes that hundreds of years ago, girl of Sawargaon had fallen in love with a boy of Pandhurna. The boy reached Sawargaon and fled along with the girl. The Sawargaon villagers chase the couple and tried to attack boy when he was crossing the Jaam river along with girl.

Meantime, Pandhurna villagers also came on either sides of river and started targeting Sawargaon villagers with stones. Since then, Gotmar Mela is organised and police efforts to discourage people from using stones to attack each other has proved futile.