Precious gifts

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 15:03:10


A calm man with a helping hand,

Quiet systematic in thinking grand,
To have him as a mentor I am glad,
He is a precious gift I ever had,
He is none other than my dear dad!!

Her words I always treasure,
Listening to her gives me immense pleasure,
My love for her would be forever,
Being with her makes me enlightened,
In her feet lies the heaven!!

An old lady my sweet friend,
Beautifully her life she has blend,
Makes use of each and every second,
Never refuses a help in lend,
My love for granny will never end!!

Our home radio, smallest of all,
Though tall but has a brain so small,
But I must say cutest of all,
I was just joking that was so LOL!!






Fatema M Husain
XI Science
JN Tata PArsi Girls’ Junior College.