new hope

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Sep 2018 12:01:27

THE Director General of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Mr. Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar, in an interview to a news agency, has asserted that the “shelf-life” of the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir has been shortened as over 360 terrorists were eliminated in less than two years. Though in spite of the fact that there is a spurt in local youths joining terror ranks, security forces have been able to open a window to youths of the valley to shun guns, employing various means and dissuade them from taking a wrong path. A recent picture of a plainclothesman, disguised as a stone-pelter, nabbing a stone-pelter and thwarting his effort to cause disturbances, is a telling example of security forces devising various means and methods to control the situation. That also bears testimony to Mr. Bhatnagar’s confidence in the security agencies’ ability to control the situation and get at the trouble-mongers. 

The manner in which flare-ups were engineered and the cauldron of terror was kept boiling in the Kashmir valley for the last nearly four years, it was not easy to bring about even a semblance of sanity to the situation that appeared almost going out of hand. With one section of the political community in Jammu and Kashmir unabashedly showing soft corner for and sympathies with trouble-mongers, the security forces felt constrained as any stringent action against terror groups would become a politically sensitive issue without much concern for the security of the general masses and the threat they posed to the nation’s security. This section of the political class undeservingly and maliciously painted the security forces as enemies of people.

It is in such an atmosphere that the security forces have been operating and carrying out their duty to the nation and to the people at large under extremely difficult, delicate and even hostile conditions, created not only by the terror groups, handmaidens of the Pakistani Army, but also by a section of the political community there.
The PDP led by former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was in the forefront in maligning and even questioning the flushing out operations undertaken by the security forces to weed out the State of the terror menace. Thus the forces were made to fight adversaries on two fronts: first the endless infiltration of terrorists from across the border, well supported and supplied by the Pakistani Army, and their targeting of security establishments and security personnel and second, the political games that a section of the political community would play to discredit the security forces.

But in spite of these trying conditions the security forces have shown stupendous grit, determination and commitment to the national cause while taking the terror bull by the horn. It is not just force that has been employed to tame the raging terror bull, ways were also devised to win the confidence of the local population and urge them to prevail upon their children from going astray and joining terror ranks. It was this humanitarian approach that saw many families appealing to their sons who had joined terror ranks to shun the gun and return home. That is certainly paying dividends now.

Mr. Bhatnagar exudes confidence that though the number of young men joining the terror groups is high, the security forces’ sustained campaign against them has shortened their “shelf -life.” He is sure that the efforts of the security forces to wean them over and make them see the perils of taking a disastrous course would force them shun violence and arms. If this positive vibe gets currency in the beleaguered State, there would certainly be a change for the better. The carrot and stick approach adopted by the security forces would bring about a change the State desperately needs for leading a peaceful life. Its people have suffered a lot. They desperately deserve peace.