Fuel prices touch record high

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2018 11:00:50



On Tuesday, petrol (premium quality) was sold at the rate of Rs 89.39 per litre while petrol of normal quality touched the mark of Rs 86.67 per litre. Diesel was sold at the rate of Rs 76.81 per litre

Staff Reporter

Fuel prices are on soaring path and have broken all the previous records. Petrol and diesel rates have reached record high. Now everyone has started to speculate that petrol price can even touch the mark of Rs 100 if fuel rates continue to rise the same way.

It is middle class of the society which is at the receiving end. It is finding itself in troubled water in the wake of increased rates of fuel. Somewhere, soared petrol rates have started to affect the budget of common people and they are now looking for some respite.

On Tuesday, petrol (premium quality) was sold at the rate of Rs 89.39 per litre while petrol of normal quality touched the mark of Rs 86.67 per litre. Diesel was sold at the rate of Rs 76.81 per litre.

The continuous rise in fuel price has forced the middle class households to curtail their monthly expenditure on other things so that they can meet the expenditure on petrol.

Petrol prices in Bhopal are continuously rising for past fifteen days. In comparison to last Tuesday (September 4), petrol price has been increased by Rs 1.50 and diesel by Rs 1.56.

Highest price of fuel in Madhya Pradesh was Rs 84.10 per litre about three months back. Since January 1, 2018 (about eight months) petrol price has been raised by Rs 11.60 and diesel by Rs 14.

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ R K Bawa, ex-member of MP Petrol Pumps Association said, “unlike common people, petrol pump owner are also a consumer.

They have to pay as per the current rate of fuel and taxes decided by the Government. Several discussions have been done with Government but Central Government is refusing to interfere and State Government cries for the policies and rules.” The recent prices rise of petrol in Bhopal increased the rates of various stuff in the market. Such is the condition that people have stopped spending on other things to cope up with increasing rates of petrol. College students are also caught in the snare of petrol prices and are seen spending less on unnecessary things to save money for petrol of their bikes. “I am unable to manage the monthly budget of home as prices of everything have gone up. Taxis, bus and auto cabs have raised their price in comprehensive manner. We are being charged Rs 100 for travelling just five kilo meter,” said local resident Ramesh Pandey. Our leaders sitting in air-conditioned room make various planning and estimate the average monthly expenditure of families but they forget that a middle class is sweating hard to manage the expenses. Ramesh Pandey is not alone a worried person but there are hundreds of common man across State waiting for some relief from spike in fuel prices and are looking towards leaders of ruling party with great hope. S K Gupta, Manager at Major Nankey Petrol Pump, said, “Fuel rates are decided by higher authorities and Government fix the tax. It is right that we are in profit after increasing the price as our old stock gets sold at higher price but we also need to pay the Government as per current price.”