Govt finalises major plan to meet water demands of farmers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2018 10:20:46


Special Correspondent,

Alarmed over rapidly declining water level of Pench reservoir, Maharashtra Government has finalised a very major plan to provide sufficient water to meet the demand of farmers without affecting drinking water supply to city. Due to construction of Chourai dam by Madhya Pradesh Government, the flow of water to Totladoh has gone down drastically, due to which sufficient water can not be released to irrigate parched agricultural tract of Nagpur district. Nagpur city is completely dependent on water supply from Totladoh and hence the alternate scheme to irrigate farm land will resolve this long pending issue.

As per the directives of State Government, Command Area Development Authority (CADA) of Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) is working on Pench Augmentation Scheme to lift 86 MMCube water from Kanhan to provide it to farmers for irrigation purpose. The farmers of Parseoni, Mouda, Ramtek, Kamptee, Kanhan and Bhanadra will be benefited from these lift irrigation schemes.

“These schemes will create an irrigation potential for 26,600 hectare land of the district. The work is going on at war footing level and it is likely to be complete by June 2019,” said Lalit Ingle, Superintending Engineer of CADA.

The CADA is working on three lift irrigation schemes on Kanhan river. First scheme is coming up at Mathani to create irrigation potential of 3900 hectares while second one is coming up at Bid Chichghat to create irrigation potential of 9640 hectares and last one is coming up at Sihora village to create irrigation potential of 4279 hectares. The State Government has sanctioned total 9 lift irrigation schemes to lift water from Kanhan river. This water will be released in the right bank canal of Pench to supply water to the farmers of command area. The cost of all the schemes is Rs 1015 crore.

This scheme will be helpful for Nagpur to save water of Pench reservoir for drinking water purposes. In present situation, it is difficult to supply water to farmers as well as to Nagpur for quench their thirst. The additional 86 MMCube water will be used for irrigation and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) can lift more water from the dam for the city. This year is going to be very difficult for Nagpurians as water storage in Pench reservoir has reduced upto to only 31 per cent. Recently, the WRD had released 100 MLD water for the crops. The remaining water will be reserved for drinking purpose. Now, there is a demand from farmers to supply water for Rabi crops in October.

Presently, around 615 MMCube water of Pench could not be stored on Maharashtra side due to construction of Chourai dam and it is very difficult for the Water Resources Department to create alternate sources to match demand after curtailment of this much water. The WRD has prepared detailed project report (DPR) of this project. They are using latest technology in the construction of barrage. The rubber dam will be having automatic gates.

Ingle said, we are designing to create 1.04 lakh irrigation potential in the CADA. Earlier, we were irrigating 1.22 lakh hectare land of the district from water stored in Pench dam. Now, we are working hard to reinstate complete area of irrigation. The DPR for lift irrigation scheme at Babdeo Sugar Factory is under preparation. This will create additional 2160 hectare irrigation potential.