Plywood temples, artificial flowers replace thermocol stages

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2018 09:56:33



By Alka Panse-Tiwari,

Creativity has no limits. The budget friendly thermocol stages which were once in a huge demand especially during the Ganesh Festival are now replaced by innovative ideas. Artists from city have find a solution to the ban on thermocol stages. They have come up with beautifully carved and designed plywood stages, artificial floral stages, various paper sheets, rubber sheets stages and many more.

Take a look around the market and one will get to see how creativity has replaced thermocol and plastic based decorative items. Students of Vidarbha Adivasi Vidyarthi Hostel, Ambazari, accredited by Social Justice Department, have set the best example. They have introduced eco-friendly Lord Ganesh idol made up of newspaper. The idea was proposed by Vikki Ambadare, ex-student of the hostel, to support save environment and to promote usage of recyclable items.

Ambadare also conducted the workshop of ‘Making of Ganesha from old newspapers’ at the hostel. Secretary Dinesh Sheram, Shubhangi Sheram, Ganesh Karnahake and other students attended the workshop.

Mohammad Hajib Wakil, owner of Amber Tent and Traders, said that this season, ‘Mandir’ made up of plywood sheets and artificial flowers are in huge demand. “Plywood Mandir came into the market last year but people avoid buying it due to its high price. This year, the artists have made the plywood sheets of different quality starting from Rs 500 onwards and thus, people are willing to buy this temples.”
Wooden stages are not made of pure wood. They are formed of thin plywood sheets cut in various shapes and modeled in new stencil designs. A special type of cutter machine is used to make this designs and later they are painted. To make it more attractive, artists decorate it with artificial flowers.

Some artists have used only artificial flowers to make the ‘Mandir’. They first make an arch of thin and flexible wooden stick and later covered it with floral decorations. Nowadays, artificial flowers are very much in trend for decoration purpose and the bright colours of all kind of flowers make the stage more attractive. Platform made up of Rubber sheets appears like it is a thermocol stage.

However, take a close look and you will notice that it is a flexible rubber sheet, painted and decorated beautifully. Some stands are made up of various kinds of craft paper. However, they are very delicate and yet costly.