Surgical strike: 1,285 fined for traffic violations

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2018 10:09:52



Staff Reporter,

Traffic Control Branch on Tuesday conducted a campaign at 12 squares in city under 'Operation Surgical Strike' and issued 1,285 e-challans for various violations as it signalled its intention to enforce rule of law. The violators were pulled-up for violation of every section of Motor Vehicle Act right from not wearing helmet to crossing of stop lines at the squares under 'Zero Tolerance Policing'.

Students of Nagpure High School, Kalamna, also joined hands with police to create awareness during the drive. The students holding placards with message of importance of observing traffic rules.

The police have recorded maximum 185 rule violations at Agrasen Chowk, followed by 179 at Indora Square, 150 at LIC Square, 144 at Kadbi Chowk, 135 at Wadi T-point, 105 at Variety Square, 96 at Tukdoji Putala Chowk, 79 at Sakkardara Chowk, 61 at Ashok Chowk, 56 at Law College Chowk and 40 at Old Katol Naka Chowk.
It was a sorry moment for many bikers and car drivers as after noticing rule violations, the school students and police approached them and impressed upon them the importance of following traffic rules.

The policemen were also explaining citizens as to how they can save their lives by following simple traffic rules. Many persons were found riding motorcycle triple-seat and without helmet, such persons were pulled to side of the roads and imparted a lesson from the school students and policemen. Most important thing was that the police have issued fine to those who crossed stop lines as Nagpurians even does not know it is violation of Motor Vehicle Act.

Around 12 policemen were deployed at every square during the two hours drive. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Traffic Raj Tilak Roshan was continuously taking stock of the drive. It is aimed at sensitising people about rules. Basic idea behind the special drive is to instill respect for law and at same time to make citizens aware about consequences of violations of provisions of Motor Vehicle Act.

Drive to continue till Thursday

The drive will continue at the same points on Wednesday and Thursday also between 9 am to 11 am and during evening hours also. The squares are perennially busy and hence chosen wisely to ensure that citizens form it a habit to follow traffic rules in toto.