Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2018 15:01:02









HOW low political parties can stoop to to make headlines can be guaged from the boorish behaviour the Congress and a few Opposition parties are displaying over defence procurements. By flinging charges without substantial evidence over the Rafale fighter jet deal with France, the Congress party and its allies are making a poor show of themselves. Even the highest officersof the IAF have dismissed any wrongdoing in the Rs. 58,000 crore deal but the mud-slinging by politicians refuses to abate. It seems Congress leaders have developed a habit of smelling a scam in every defence deal. Senior leader Mr. Prithviraj Chavan has now claimed underhand benefits to a few industrial houses from the Government while floating tenders for 100 combat aircraft. These are churlish charges, made with an aim to keep the political pot boiling. One expects a holistic view from Congress. India is facing a grave threat from its neighbours. Security preparedness has to be its top priority and no party should object to procurements that are done through transparent deals.


THE Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is taking great pains to rebut claims of hacking of Aadhaar card database by a few “vested interests” for a long time. However the agency may try, mere refusal of charges would not suffice to assuage the fears in the minds of general populace over security of their personal data. Recent developments, where a few software experts were able to cheat even the tightest of firewalls installed in the banking systems to siphon off crores of rupees, have stoked new fears of the personal information of over one billion Indians being compromised. A security breach cannot be ruled out given the multifold advancements in software technologies. UIDAI has time and again claimed to have taken all necessary safeguard measures including tracking of every encrypted packet to protect the Aadhaar data. If the agency could take a leaf out of Election Commission’s book which dared parties to tamper the EVMs, and come out with an open challenge to the hackers and prove them wrong, then it will be the biggest assurance for people.