Cleanliness Fortnight in Dindori schools

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2018 10:59:56



Our Correspondent


Cleanliness Fortnight is being held from September 1 to 15 under the directions of State Education Centre, Bhopal and Jila Panchayat Dindori.

The fortnight has been organised in different schools being conducted under central educational centres in which students have been informed about maintaining cleanliness around them.

Under this ongoing fortnight students were informed about washing their hands properly after defecation, brushing their teeth regularly and other related necessary information. Further, the Children Cabinet informed students about cleaning and cutting their nails time-to-time.

The activities are being conducted in different schools of Shahpura district including Janpad Middle Primary School, Girls Middle School, Middle and Primary School, Primary School Gutali, Middle and Primary School, Barkheda, Bijauri English Medium Primary School, Primary School Vanvasi Mohalla, C. Basic School Girls Primary School and other schools, with the support of Shikshak Chhatra Shala Prabandhan Samiti.

In this fortnight, Teacher Ashwini Kumar Sahu, Amar Uladi, Head master, RS Gurudev, Ram Sahu and other schools have executed the activities under the directions of BEOPD Patel BRC, JP Sahu, Public Education Centre Incharge, D K Vyavahar.

During this, under the directions of BRC J P Sahu and Public Education Centre Incharge, D K Vyavahar, Head Master R S Gurudev, Shriram Sahu, teacher Ashwin Kumar, Amar Uladi, Vivek Sahu, Radheshyam Sahu, Pradeep Singaur and other teachers participated and gave the mottos of cleanliness on the main roads of city.